Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A new tradition

So a few months ago, I got this idea. I tell everyone I saw it on Pinterest, but I can't remember if I really saw it on Pinterest or if I made it up and was too embarassed to say that so I told people it was on Pinterest... Either way - got this idea that for my birthday, I should get my parents a gift or I should take my parents out to eat, instead of them taking me out. Without them, I wouldn't have a birthday. Why am I getting celebrated when all I did was stay alive through labor? They got me here on earth and kept me alive {sometimes I am truly amazed - that is a SERIOUS accomplishment since I can be quite a pain in the you-know-what, especially through my teenage years}. So my mom & I decided I would take her to lunch on my birthday and I took my dad to dinner the night before my birthday.

I had wanted to go the "gift" route and give them something... I wanted to be pregnant for my birthday and give them the gift of grandparenthood. What an awesome way to announce it right?? Yep grandparenthood isthat's a word. But nope - not pregnant. So had to settle for taking them out for food :)

My dad has been SUPER sick - he had a double ear infection and strep.  Then he got pneumonia with a little bit of ear infection left and the beginnings of bronchitis. Awesome right?? That's how our dinner date came to be - he needed a ride to get his newest prescription and I decided to take him out to eat afterwards. Jake was at Young Mens, so it worked out perfectly to be a daddy daughter date :)

While we were standing in line at Smith's I saw this - hilarious!!! It's the band "One Direction" advertising for MaxFresh tooth products - because they make you beautiful. Name of their song right now is "That's what makes you beautiful". Hilarious. Probably not as funny now that I explained it. But I thought it was awesome!
Got my dad some essentials to help him get feeling better - crackers, OJ, Kleenex, wheat bread & toilet paper :)
Then we went to Golden Corral - his favorite restaurant
Ok I was doing AWESOME at eating healthy that day. I got a huge salad first, and I probably would have been ok calorie wise if I had stopped there. But nope I didn't. I was looking at my plate after round two and it was ALL carbs. No protein or fiber at all. And then topped it off with like 6 pieces of fudge. Epic diet fail there. EPIC.  I resolved to do better the next day - not so much. Last week was bad for my eating. BAD. Thank heavens it's over and I am back on track. My body was HATING me by Friday.

Anyway, back to my date with my dad.

After we were done at Golden Corral I drove him back to his house and helped him carry his stuff up the apartment. Once we got up there, he was coughing so hard he couldn't breathe. Kinda scary. I hope he gets feeling better soon!!

Love my dad :)
On my birthday, my mom & I went to lunch at Won Won Wok. It's a little Chinese & Japanese Restaurant here in Saratoga Springs. We got the exact same thing - teriyaki salmon with California sushi rolls & egg drop soup. Didn't eat my salad because it was doing the backstroke in Ranch dressing. Seriously, it was drowning in dressing. But the food was delicious!!  
My gorgeous mom eating her lunch!
I love this tradition and can't wait to do it again, both for my parents and for Jake's parents. I want to do a card or a letter next time too - something that says how much I appreciate all they have done for me in my life and for helping me have a birthday. Especially my mom. She went through a really long labor and I was a SERIOUS pain to get into this world. Yay for starting an awesome new tradition!

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