Monday, February 25, 2013

Sarah's Mission Farewell

Yesterday was my step sister's farewell! And guess what? I am blogging about it at a reasonable time haha! I finally got the pictures from Clint's homecoming onto my computer but for some reason it didn't transfer to my blog and I am at work so those will have to wait until later on I guess. But here are the pictures from Sarah's farewell!!

Her farewell yesterday was at my parent's ward, at 11 AM. Love 11 AM church PS. She did an awesome job on her talk! Afterwards, we came back to my parents to eat some food!

Lunch was sandwiches with all the trimmings, a bajillion kinds of chips & a LOT of different kinds of salad {I gotta pretty cute hubby if I do say so myself}
Another view of the food
View of the table and the food over there
Her cake and a picture of Sarah :)
That cake was yummy PS. Love Costco cakes!
Mom & Rick

Few different shots of people getting food...

Richard & Chris
Blake, Jake & Josh eating some food
Jake's making a cute face right? Haha. Eating with Sam & Popper

Jeannene and Matt & Emily's son Keaton. He's our step nephew :)
Isn't he so cute?!
Right before we left, I took a few pictures of Sarah. I was playing around with the lighting on my computer afterwards, since they turned out SUPER dark. I didn't realize that while I was taking them. Good thing to check next time!

And then Jeannene took a quick picture of me & my mom.

It was an awesome day! I'm so glad we got to support Sarah before her big day! I am so excited for her! Spokane, WA get ready for an amazing missionary!!

PS Rick got sustained and set apart yesterday as the 2nd Counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency. And because Blake & Jake were there, they got to help set him apart! That means it was Jake's first time getting to use the Melchezidek Priesthood!!! I am so proud of him, and Blake, and Rick! Talk about an awesome addition to yesterday's already exciting events!

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