Friday, February 22, 2013

Ladies Night

Last night, I had the chance to go have a girls night out with the girls from work. Plan was to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, which meant I wouldn't be cooking dinner for Jake. Which translated into bring him home dinner. Which turned into this...

Jake's favorite "easy take out" dinner
And then it was off to Texas Roadhouse with the girls! Unfortunately, Rachelle, Angie & Maria weren't able to make it. It was really fun to see Tonya & Lisa again, and I love any excuse to get to see Lindsey outside of work!

All day at work, I was looking at the menu online trying to figure out what to order. They don't have nutritional information available, so it was truly a test of my "Eat Clean" diet principles - based purely off of what ingredients are in them, and if its "clean" or not. I ended up getting 2 skewers of grilled shrimp, with no butter, a side of green beans, a side of steamed vegetables and a side salad with honey mustard dressing on the side. The green beans had something in them that looked suspiciously like bacon {tasted divine} but yeah probably not quite as healthy as I had intended. But I didn't eat any rolls! NOT ONE! And if you know ANYTHING about when I fall off the healthy eating band-wagon, it ALWAYS involves a restaurant. Eating out kills my motivation to eat healthy and I still did awesome! Guessing on my calories, I still had a pretty good deficit for the day! WOOT!!

The 4 of us after dinner - Lindsey, Tonya, Lisa & me
It was so fun getting to see Tonya & Lisa - I have missed both of them a lot since they quit at the beginning of the year to be stay home moms. I miss their stories - they told some good ones last night that had us laughing pretty hard. Can't wait to be a mom and have fun stories to tell :)

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