Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quarter of a century

Last Wednesday, I turned a quarter of a century old. That was way bad English but you know what I am trying to say. I'm 25! I was born at 2:22 AM, so when I woke up I was officially already 25 years old. Started my day with a workout, since I ate SO bad the night before at Golden Corral with my dad. I ran on the elliptical and did Push Circuit 2 {weight lifting}. I had to get a picture of my pony tail though - it looks like a mustache!!

Yep, I worked out on my birthday.
After my workout, I made me some breakfast and got my 4 legged son out to give me birthday kisses. He wasn't happy about having to go potty in all the snow - it DUMPED during the night, which made my drive from my dad's house the night before SUPER fun. Not. First time I have actually missed the Jeep. The Mazda is an awesome car, but not so awesome in the snow.

I love when the backyard snow is perfect with no footsteps in it :)
My breakfast I made for myself - scrambled egg whites with reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese & salsa on a low calorie high fiber tortilla with guacamole on it. YUMMMMMY!!!!
Jake came home and talked with me while I got ready for work and then I started the trek to work. Ok the snow wasn't that bad, but it was worse than I ever remember it being on my birthday. Except when I was 8. There was TONS of snow that year - that was the day I got baptized and it was SO bad. Anyway, it's been a long time since I had this much snow on my birthday.

My awesome desk all decorated!! Thanks Saratoga {cough cough Lindsey}
It was a nice slow day at the bank - I got to just enjoy it being my birthday and not be rushed. Because I finished Harry Potter the day before, I didn't have anything to read so we all just talked :)

I took my mom to lunch at Won Won Wok - delicious and super fun!

Me & my mom after lunch at Won Won Wok
I got a Facebook account again that day so that I could feel the love from my Facebook peeps. Facebook birthdays rock. And yes, I have spent too much time on Facebook already. Not as bad as before, but more than I would like to be spending. Hence why the blog has been slightly neglected the past week. But I'm back!

One of my favorite Facebook messages - love my in laws!!!
After work, I raced over to Popper's school for her orchestra concert. I missed her last concert because I got there late, so that was NOT going to happen again. I made it with a few minutes to spare. She did awesome!

She's in the back with the long hair. Go Popper!!
Jake couldn't find us in the huge school but found us right after she was done. That school {Westlake} is seriously gigantic! Glad I didn't go to school somewhere that big - high school was hard enough already!

The 3 of us :)
Popper had a few of her guys friends playing in the snow and one of them threw a snowball at her. Well Jake, being the big brother he is, had to one up them, so he picked her up and dropped her in a snow bank...

She was thrilled - can you tell? She was SO wet from the snow - it got down her coat and everything. Made me grateful all over again that I don't have older brothers, even though I always wanted one while I was growing up.

Then we headed off towards Tucano's! I got a free meal there, so of course we had to use it before January was over. We got on Pioneer Crossing and started towards Provo. That is, until the car died.

Jake was driving, so I didn't realize what was wrong with the car - just that it was slowing down. It kinda felt like when the anti lock brakes came on, so I just figured we were in ice. Until Jake freaked out that we were running out of gas. Oh yeah, hey Jake we need to get gas before we go to Provo...

See - it was on my To Do List - we needed gas!!
So yeah, we ran out of gas on the side of the road. Went to call Jake's parents and my phone died. It is a REALLY good thing Jake was with me or I would have been so in trouble! I don't have a phone charger for my iPhone 5.... Must remedy that. So Jake called his parents and after laughing at us they said they'd be right over. About 10 minutes later, they realized they were looking for us on 2100 North, not Pioneer Crossing so they started towards us... Until Danny's {my father in law} truck died. It ran out of anti-freeze. It has an awesome hole in it. So yeah, now they {him & Dustin, Jake's brother} were stranded too. So Mom & Grandma came to rescue Danny, and Dustin got in his Tahoe and came to rescue us.

I was laughing so hard. Seriously, what an awesome stream of events in one night. I had a coat, Jake had a coat, we weren't hungry, we had a blanket - so we were safe and warm. Just wanted to get our car working again. Jake was worried the battery might die since we were listening to Pandora but I knew it'd be ok.

Where we were stranded...
My "oops" face haha
So Dustin gets there and they put gas in the car and we're all laughing. Dustin goes to turn the car over. Dead battery. Jake was right. And I was wrong. That shouldn't surprise me - Jake is always right. So we go to get the cables out of the trunk. Except they aren't in the Mazda - they're in the truck. So now I am starting to think this isn't so funny. Dustin had cables though - thank heavens. So they jumped the car...

And it started! Dustin followed behind us to the gas station in Lehi by McDonalds to make sure we made it. Isn't he awesome?! Seriously - so nice of him to leave the nice warm house and come rescue us. I was super embarassed. Can't believe I forgot to get gas!

0 miles until empty...
Way past the red mark... Whoops
So we get gas and then we went to Tucano's. I was thinking we would be the last ones there, but they were open until 10 and we got there at 9:15 so there was still lots of people there. Food was awesome, as usual. I pretty much just ate the pineapple and the salad bar. I found out that you can get the salad bar and for $1 get unlimited pineapple and vegetables, for those of us who don't want the meat. I might have to do that next time!! Jake had me try a chicken heart. Oh sick. I could TOTALLY go vegetarian after that. I ate something's heart. SICK!!!
After Tucano's
We got a piece of cheesecake to go and went home. Jake shoveled the driveway while I ate my cheesecake and played with Max. And then we watched TV on the couch together. It was an amazing birthday, and an eventful day. I'm officially a quarter of a century old. I don't feel old. In fact, I feel younger than ever. Wish people would start thinking I looked 25 though... People always think I am older than I am. It was awesome when I was younger, ready for that to go away. But oh well. I don't feel old and that's what counts!

P.S. We went a pretty good amount of time on the side of the road before anyone pulled over. Kinda surprised me - I thought that being in Utah, more people would stop and see if we needed help. We even got passed by a few sheriffs and they didn't stop. But we did have 2 people stop - a guy in a Toyota Corolla & a guy in Dodge Ram. The guy in the Corolla was going the opposite way on Pioneer Crossing, saw us, turned around and we said we were ok, so he drove to the next light and turned around to keep going the direction he was originally headed. Thought that was AWESOME - what a good Samaritan!

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