Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The day before my birthday, I finished the Harry Potter books. I flew threw the last 2 pretty quick - I think it was about a week. I'd read the first 5 a LOT of times so I didn't re read those. And then I was like "dang what am I going to read now?!" until my mom reminded me that I hadn't read "Reached" yet.

It's book 3 in the "Matched" trilogy. So I opened it and started to read it. Totally forgot everything I had read in the first 2 books - read those about 8 months ago. So I got my hands on the first one {Matched} and read it in about a week - that's the week Clint came home. And then I got the second book {Crossed} on the phone in the Nook app. Read that in about 3 days. Finished it on a Saturday afternoon, but the 3rd book was in my desk at work and the bank had already closed so I had to wait until Monday to read it. First world problem right? So I get to work Monday and started it. Was on page 354 when I went to bed. Finished it the next day at work at lunch. Which means I finished the series.

It's a pretty good series. 3rd book was kinda disappointing but I liked it. First one was my favorite. They are a young adult fiction - easy read, super clean & about the government controlling everything we do - in the future. {Cough cough}

But now I am outta books! Or so I thought! One of the girls I used to work with, Lisa {who is now a stay home mommy to her adorable twins} told me about the uglies books. Uh what? The first one is called "Uglies". Who calls a book that?! But I was intrigued and bought all 4 books on for under $12! I will always be an eBayer at heart, regardless of the fact that working there was absolute hell. Anyway, I got these books.

So I brought one to work yesterday {Tuesday} along with "Reached" in case I finished one book and needed another to read. I did end up finishing "Reached" so I started "Uglies". Came home from work, went to Costco, and then came home and read while Jake was finishing Young Mens before we went to Cafe El Lago for a dinner date. I was on page 154. So I read roughly 350 pages both Monday and Tuesday.

Get to work today, and I just HAD to keep that streak going. In order to read that many pages, I would have to finish "Uglies" today. So guess what? I finished it. 

I like these books!! And I am really glad I bought all 4 books and they are all sitting at my house so that I can read them back to back and not have to wait for shipping or for them to be released {gasp!!}.

I am seriously addicted to reading right now. So onto the rest of the "Uglies" series, and then I think I am going to read "The Hourglass Door{?}" series. And then I might read "The Work and The Glory" series. Yeah I have a lot of books ahead of me. But I am SO loving that I am reading again. I always really liked to read and the last few years, I started watching more TV and reading less. Now, I don't watch much TV but I read like a crazy person - obviously.

I'll keep you posted on how fast I get through the rest of the books in the "Uglies" series!

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