Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Long time coming...

So a long time ago, I earned a new dresser. And I talked about it here. Jake told me that I could have a new dresser when I weighed less than him. Mission accomplished - a year or so ago haha. I knew exactly which dresser I wanted - as you can see in the link above. We just dragged our feet on getting it. We got our new bed, which added 4 drawers of storage to our bedroom and that helped a TON!!! Like night and day difference having all that extra drawer space for our stuff. But then last week, Jake asked if I still wanted a new dresser. Uh ya!! So he said I could get one. And I just thought it was talk, until we went to get it Friday night after I got off work! I was SO excited that he meant it - that we really could go get a dresser!!!

Friday night I worked late. Like almost 2 hours late. And I work at a bank. You may be asking how that is even possible haha. Our scanner was down so we had to wait for the company to fix it. So I got paid OT to sit and read a book. Score for me!! Jake waited oh so patiently for me to get off. And then when I got off, we really went to Ikea. Even though I thought we would wait until the next day since I got off late - Jake still stuck by his word and wanted to go get it for me. I was pleasantly surprised that he was so willing and almost eager to go to Ikea - building furniture leads to arguments for us normally haha.

We get to Ikea, park the car and follow the maze to get to the dresser area. We {read Jake} loaded the 3 boxes onto the little cart thing and we walked to the checkout in the store to pay for it. We decided to sneak into the clearance area first though and guess what we found? THE EXACT SAME DRESSER! ALREADY BUILT! And the price? $100 CHEAPER?!?!? SCORE!!!!! Seriously we were both freaking out. So he stood there to "puppy guard" it until we got someone to come cut the cord attaching it to the ground. We loaded it onto two carts and moved to the checkout area again. After paying for it, I waited with the dresser while Jake brought the truck around to the pick up area and we tried to load it into the back. Epic fail. I'm not as strong as I thought I was haha. The guy next to us helped Jake move it in while we moved the carts out of the way and then I climbed in the back of the truck to lay it down on its side. And then we went to get dinner at Chili's.

We got a combo to split - yeah bad idea. Those are NOT meant for 2 people to eat. More for like 1 person with a big appetite. The portions were TINY. But we got Queso as an appetizer and just ate all of that and 2 bowls of the chips. Yeah Chili's is a weakness for me, in case I haven't talked about that. Those chips are divine salty goodness. That made me feel sick for 3 days afterwards. I woke up the next day and couldn't get my wedding ring on my fingers were so swollen. My shoes barely fit because my feet were so swollen. Guess it's a taste of pregnancy? But yeah - bad idea to eat that many chips haha. And then on the way home, I wanted frozen yogurt, since I had already screwed up so bad, and went to Yogurt Bliss. And got peanut butter frozen yogurt. Yep, you read that right - Yogurt Bliss now has PEANUT BUTTER frozen yogurt!! OH MY GOSH! Seriously, can't decide if I am excited or sick at the thought of how often I am going to want to go there now haha. The only reason I ever want to go to JCW's is because they have an awesome peanut butter shake. Now, I can just go to Yogurt Bliss! And get smaller portions {cough cough}. And it's high protein yogurt, with probiotics. Yeah, I'll be headed there every weekend for a while haha. One cheat meal a week - that'll be it! Anyway, back to the dresser.

So we had decided to just load it the next day into the house, since it was around 10:30. I come home from getting my yogurt {since the car was at the bank and Jake was driving the truck} and the truck is parked backwards in the garage. Apparently Jake REALLY wanted this new dresser in the house haha. So we brought it right in the house. Jake backed it up so that the tail gate dropped into the house and we just walked from the truck bed into the house. GENIUS husband I have!!

Our old dresser. Jake got it as a baby. It's meant for a baby. Not 2 adults! It'll be great to pass on to our kiddo's though!!
Another view, with the new one visible too. Totally should have taken pictures before we brought it in the house. Whoops!!
The new dresser!!! It was on clearance because of the scratch on the far right top drawer and the bottom piece was put in backwards {there are two "holes"}
View from the side. Seriously, LOVE it!!
It's been nice having so much room on top of the dresser. We like the angle of the TV too. And all those drawers have been AWESOME! 2 of them are empty right now because we don't have enough stuff {yet} to put in them! I guess thats partly because we have the 4 drawers on the bed too. But still - having 12 drawers in our bedroom for stuff has been WONDERFUL! And those drawers on the dresser are deeper and wider than I thought they would be - that bottom drawer can hold a LOT! And those top "smaller" ones can hold a TON - I thought there would only be room for a few pairs of socks. Oh no - they hold TONS!! Huge thanks to whoever built this and then brought it back - we enjoyed not having to put it together and saving $100. And HUGE thanks to my fabulous husband who bought it for me! I love it!! :)

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