Thursday, February 28, 2013

Celtics Game 2013

My awesome Uncle Gordon & Aunt Myrleen have season tickets to the Utah Jazz. In November, they asked Jake & me if we want the tickets for the Celtics game. UH YES!!! So they mailed us the tickets back in November and they have just been chillin' on our fridge. I am so glad we got to go to the game this year!! We went back in 2011 {Santa brought Jake tickets} but we weren't able to go in 2012. I figured I would post a few of the pictures from when we went in 2011, and then post the pictures from this year :)

2011 - we lived with Jake's parents. So crazy to think that was 2 years ago! Feels like we have been in our house for AT LEAST that long!
2011 - I've changed a little since then...

2013! Got my new shirt at Scheels when we bought Jake's new Go Pro

 I have been keeping this shirt specifically so that I could take this picture!! Now I can donate it to DI since it isn't fitting so great! :)
2013 - just as we are about to leave for the game!
2013 in our seats and ready for tip off!!
Look how far we are from the top!! We were on the 4th row! Seriously, these were AWESOME seats!!
Our view!
Warming up!!!!! I was super excited!!!
So excited!!
Half time - bummed Jake's eyes are closed :(
Left to go to the bathroom and came back with an ice cream cone... I have NO idea how that happened ;) People - I LOVE ICE CREAM!!
The game was super close, all game. I was pleasantly surprised in both 2011 and this year that there were so many Celtics fans. I would HATE to feel like we were the only ones - I'd be scared to cheer! But there were definitely other Celtics fans there. Not tons around us though, so I was trying to keep my cheering nice and not say anything rude haha. By 4th quarter, Jake was teasing me that I would have no voice the next day because I was screaming so much! With just a few seconds left and the Celtics up by 2 or 3, the Jazz scored and took it into OT. Ok I hate overtime. HATE IT! It is SO stressful!! But after an additional 5 minutes of play, Celtics still came out on top! WOOT!!! That was a tense few minutes though!!!

Final score in 2011 - Celtics won then too!
Final score in 2013 - 110-107! WOOT!!
After the game, we walked our to Gateway Mall and had dinner at Applebee's. I got it in my head that it'd be ok to cheat a little, since I don't want to be strict my entire life and ordered the chicken fingers. Yep I am still feeling a little bloated from that - BAD IDEA! I know fried stuff gets to me. Don't know why I thought that was such a good idea!! After dinner, we walked back to our car and drove home. I tripped 2 different times, sending my shoe flying each time. The first time was one shoe, the second time I tripped and the other shoe came off. Jake told me that I need to start wearing shoes with laces on them since I can't seem to keep shoes on. If that had happened to me 2 years ago, I am positive I would have ended up with a sprained ankle. I used to have REALLY sensitive ankles. But they have gotten SO much stronger since I started working out - I don't remember the last time I had one! {KNOCK ON WOOD!!!} I never would have thought  that losing weight would help my ankles get stronger. So weird. Anyways, back to the game. It was a SUPER fun date night! I am so glad we were able to go, and that the tickets were FREE!! Gordon & Myrleen - you are AWESOME! Thank you!!

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