Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Pictures

Saturday was the day we took family pictures with my mom & Rick! We haven't taken them since 2011, since right before Brynne & Blake got married. So time for some new ones, since we have Emily & Keaton in the family now, and I have lost some weight haha. I started out my day with some puffy eyes... This has been going on for a few days and I am SO ready for it to go away! No idea what's causing it but I'm trying to clean my eyes out really good at night, and I cleaned my make up brushes really good.

I look like I'm winking, but I'm not haha
Jake and I laid in bed for a few hours and watched TV until I got up to workout. Jake mentioned that it might be a good workout to go shovel the driveway, so I changed into sweats and got ready to go shovel. He thought I was kidding but I really did it! I figured I would look pretty dumb shoveling in my hot pink pea coat so I borrowed Jake's duck hunting coat.

Do I look like maybe I'm Jake wearing pink sweats? Or can you tell it's me?
Looking stylish
Rockin my shades with my shovel
Jake taking pictures of me from up in the room above the garage
Max watching my shovel. I have a cute puppy huh??
After shoveling, I got my workout in. I did Fire 45 EZ from Turbo Fire and it was an awesome workout, like always. I did stretch 10 afterwards and it was very relaxing to stretch my muscles after having been bent over to shovel haha. Last time doing Turbo for 9 weeks :( But it'll make me that much more grateful for it!

Proud of myself for working out on Saturday!!
After my workout it was time to get ready for family pictures. I am excited to get them back and see how they turned out! We had pictures taken at Provo City Library because of the snow. I figured I should post some old pictures from last time we had pictures so you have something to compare them to :)

Can't believe how different I look compared to this...

And this...

After we were done with pictures, Jake & I stopped and picked up Cafe Rio and then went to Yogurt Bliss to get my Frozen Yogurt. Yes, it was freezing cold. Yes, it was snowing. And yes, I still wanted Frozen Yogurt. People, I LOVE ice cream. I want it ALL THE TIME. I went in, so excited to get my peanut butter yogurt and they DIDN'T HAVE IT ANYMORE!!! So I settled for coconut. Pretty good. But not anywhere near as good as peanut butter. Hopefully they bring it back!!

So excited for my Frozen Yogurt!!
It was an awesome Saturday. Can't wait to show you guys our family pictures once we get them back!!

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  1. I'm so with you on the frozen yogurt my friend! It's way too delicious to be just a summer treat! All year round for me please! :)