Friday, February 15, 2013

100 Years & Counting

This past weekend was my winter party for work. Usually it's at the end of January but they pushed it back a few weeks this year because {drum roll please} it's our 100 year birthday!!

I feel so lucky to get to work for a company that I love. They give back to the community, they treat their employees like gold, but most importantly, I love how they treat customers. If the day comes that I no longer work for the bank {I am hoping to stay on 1 day a week once we have kids but we'll see}, we will still bank here! I absolutely LOVE my bank!!

The party was at Thanksgiving Point this year, like usual, but it was best dress! Last year was a luau theme and the year before was a western theme. Both years we could wear jeans but this year we dressed up!

My outfit - I am loving zebra right now!
Jake was so tired, it was hard to get him to wake up {he worked OT the night before} but he got up and got dressed up too. He even ended up wearing his suit jacket since his hoodie he normally wears was dirty {that may or may not have been intentional haha}.

Doesn't he look so nice?!
We saw a few of the people I used to work with in PG and then went to find the table that Dustin had saved for us. Of the 6 employees that came to the party {Rachelle's son had a basketball tournament so she wasn't able to come} only 4 of us were able to sit together. Next year, we'll have to come early enough to save 2 tables next to each other. Maria & her husband & Justin & his girlfriend Alex sat with friends in other branches.

My manager Angie & her husband Don Dee
My work BFF Lindsey & her husband Spencer
Dustin & his wife Janine. He's the branch manager and over loans
The stage all decked out
We had salads and then they brought out the food. I forgot to ask for a vegetarian plate, and I learned my lesson...

Red meat. And chicken on a bone. The 2 meats I HATE the most!!

They brought me a vegetarian plate!! It was really yummy!
And then they brought us a really yummy angel food cake/cheesecake dessert. Delicious!!

Me & Jake
After dinner they recognized all the employees who had been there for 5, 10, 15 & 20 years. Lindsey & Dustin from our branch both hit their 5 year mark and got watches! I'm only 3 years away from getting my watch haha.

Then they showed a slide show of the last 100 years and all the things that have happened. The bank came out before a LOT of big things - it's kinda weird to think of the bank being that old! They passed out books talking about the banks history and had all the employees turn to page 100... where there was a crisp $100 bill! Awesome bonus & surprise after a wonderful dinner!

I am very grateful for my job. I don't think very many people love their job as much as I love mine!! Lucky me!!

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