Thursday, February 21, 2013

In Case You Weren't Aware...

I have the best husband of all time. You may argue that, but I don't care. I have the best husband ever. One of the reasons is because he is spontaneous. Take those Valentines' flowers for example. I told him that we weren't really doing gifts - don't do flowers since they are expensive and die and guess what? He knew me well enough to know I wanted them so he got them anyway. And not only did he do that, he surprised me and brought them to work. He really works hard to put that extra thought in to make things special for me still, even after putting up with my crap for 4 ish years. Seriously he treats me so much better than I deserve.

Yesterday morning, I was running SO late for work. My work out went a little longer than anticipated, and then I took my time in the shower and that turned into me being rushed while trying to get ready for work. So as I am rushing around the kitchen trying to get my snacks and lunch ready, Jake jumped in and helped me make my food. I was so grateful for those extra 2 hands that helped me get ready. And then when I went to take my first snack, I opened my lunch box and found a note from Jake in my lunch box.

My note I got
Ok that might not sound like a big deal to you, but it was a HUGE deal to me. Jake doesn't really do random things like that - and he thought it up, and then acted on it, and then managed to not say anything so it surprised me and sneak it into my lunch box. So I totally started crying when I saw it! Like literally tears fell. I can't believe what an awesome husband I have!!!

And in case you weren't aware, I want a baby. And we didn't get any good news this month either, so here's to hoping for next month. But in the mean time, I have my practice child that I love so much! He has been sleeping with me at night and is quite the cuddly space heater - he makes the bed SO warm!!

After we went to get his shots on Monday
Still loves me even though I made him get a shot. I love my puppy son!!
I'm one lucky girl. Seriously. I know I want a baby, and that I get frustrated that things aren't happening at the speed I want. But it's teaching me patience and helping me realize just how lucky I am to have the things that I have. And we have 2 incomes, so that means we can spoil ourselves more than we normally would. So last weekend, after I got my new dresser, Jake got a new Go-Pro to replace the wrong one I bought at Christmas time. He loves the new one and has already made time lapse videos with the weather changes we have had. I love seeing him happy - makes it totally worth it.

Love that smile. More than anything in the whole world.
And we were able to return the old one, so it all worked out perfectly!

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