Friday, February 22, 2013

Fit Friday: Slow & Steady

I can already tell this whole "Fit Friday" post thing is going to do wonders for my motivation! I have been thinking about this blog post all week long!! First things first: weekly weigh in. 171 pounds. So still 7 or 8 higher than my all time low, but it's 5 lower than last week, and 3 lower than the week before! The weight I gained after taking my 4 day weekend off of working out isn't falling off as fast as I thought it would, but its not glued there - it IS coming off!

I bombed last weekend though - I'm telling you weekends are where I struggle. Starting Sunday though, I rocked it! I ate about as perfect and clean as it gets. Stuck to my calories, had a caloric deficit of at least 750 calories every day {for a 1 pound a week loss, you need a 500 calorie daily deficit}. Did all my workouts, minus abs one day, and rocked them ALL! Lifted all 3 times this week, my muscles were FEELIN it this morning - I could barely do the last 3 push ups in my workout haha. And that's why the scale moved - I was super dedicated!

Last Friday, about an hour after I posted my Fit Friday, I bought Insanity & Shakeology again. I'd been thinking I wanted to go back to Shakeology, because it worked before and if it ain't broke don't fix it. So I was about to buy it and thought hey lets get a new workout too, since it's cheaper to buy them together. So I'm looking at the workouts and I talked myself into getting Insanity. I have been very clear, for a very good while, that I would try P90X some day or Les Mills Combat but NEVER Insanity. It was just too much. And that's why I got it. Because it's the one thing I thought I couldn't do. And I'm gonna do it. Because I can do hard things.

And because Insanity delivers Insane results. And I am ready for the last 20 pounds to come off and see more of my muscles. That'd be pretty insane in my book. It is supposed to be in my mailbox when I get home...

So goals for this week are:
  1. Stick to my calories all 7 days.
  2. Write down everything that goes in my mouth.
  3. Do Insanity all 5 days next week {M-F}
  4. Work out tomorrow {Saturday}
#1 thing for me to work on - watch what I do in the kitchen!
Jake & I have decided we aren't going to eat out much, if at all, anymore. Well I decided that's what I want, and Jake is coming along for the ride. He agreed though - I'm not demanding it of him. And like I said in my last post, I do bring him home pizza if I want something that he doesn't want to eat. The exception to that rule is ice cream. I talk about ice cream all the time. You know this. I straight up love it. And this lifestyle change I am doing is just that - a LIFESTYLE change. For life. So saying no ice cream is not realistic for me.

So new plan - on Saturdays, if I work out, then we are going to go to Yogurt Bliss for frozen yogurt after dinner. That one day a week, it's ok. That's my cheat meal. Especially since Yogurt Bliss just got Peanut Butter yogurt. I am literally counting the seconds for that tomorrow - I cannot WAIT to go get some!! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!! Oh it's so bad that I am so addicted haha. I might need an intervention. But it's frozen yogurt, so it's healthier than ice cream, and its my cheat meal, and I have to do something to earn it. It isn't just given to me. I can totally do that. It gives me something to look forward to. It's not limiting me and saying "no more of this ever again". And I think that's a huge factor in how I lost 5 pounds this week - all week I knew that I didn't want to mess up and use my cheat meal during the week because I wanted to save it for my PB Yogurt Bliss. Don't worry - it'll be photographed for next weeks blog :)

Found this and loved it. LOVE it!
Love this one even more - this is SO what I tend to do! Great perspective on it!
Slow & steady is gonna win this race - losing a couple pounds at a time. Bite size pieces. One week at a time. And this week, I nailed it!

Lastly, just wanted to post some pics of outfits this week. I have a very real addiction to clothes haha. Not as severe as peanut butter by any means, but real nonetheless. Pinterest isn't helping either... I saw this picture on a blog the other day...

And decided to re create it with clothes I already have...

And I am pretty dang proud of how that turned out! I literally had all the clothes already - don't remember the last time I wore that scarf or that yellow shirt. And I don't keep clothes I don't wear. But I love how bright they are, and then I found a way to wear them together! Gives me hope for spring!!

And I loved this outfit too - got the shirt at Maurice's for free. Yep, free. Because I bought a pair of skinny jeans & an ADORABLE new cardigan, I got 2 shirts for free! And the two things I bought were 40% off. I am quite proud of that. And I NEVER wear this cardigan, and now I got something {once again, for FREE} to wear with it so I can utilize more clothes in my closet! Which means I can start buying less clothes!! Haha yeah we'll see how that goes. And I love my hair straight. It snarles easier and I straightened it WAY too fast so it didn't stay straight all day, but at least it looks good here right?

Can't wait to tell you all about Insanity next week!! And to post losing at least another 2 pounds. I am well on my way baby!!

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