Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday pedicures & a shopping trip

I am a girly girl. You know this. So when my mom asked if we she could take me to get pedicures for my birthday, I was ALL over that idea!! We set up the appointments for the Saturday after my birthday {February 2} and started out our date with a shopping trip to the new{er} Outlets in Lehi at Traverse Mountain!

My mom hadn't been there yet, so of course we had to go. I've been quite a few times - only bought a couple things and most of them were Christmas presents but I absolutely love going there. We went into Chico's first - my mom's favorite store. She found a whole outfit that was SUPER on sale - score!! And then, we went to Coach. Bad idea. I love Coach. Like a lot. And I have been in the market for a new purse. So yeah, I bought one. My first real coach purse. It was reguarly $350 ish, then 50% off of it and 30% off of THAT price. So super on sale - $120! I asked when I was paying for it what the return policy was, in case Jake was upset that I spent so much, and they said I could bring it back for life as long as I kept the receipt. So I bought it!

Mom & her Chico's bag!
My coach bag!! The purse is inside the bag haha. I didn't pay $120 for THIS bag :)
And then it was off to Brick House Retreat in Sandy for our pedicures. My mom LOVES that salon and goes there for everthing - hair, nails, massage, facials - all of it! It's a really nice salon - definitely feel VERY pampered while I am there!
Getting ready to soak my feet :)
My nail polish was almost entirely grown out - only a little bit left on my big toes. Good thing I was getting that remedied!!
Mom relaxing in her massage chair :)
My finished product! I got mint green. SO not like me - I always, always, always get pink. Absolutely LOVE the mint green though - I will be going to buy this color nail polish so that I can do my nails this color in the future!!
It was really fun and relaxing to spend some time together, especially doing such girly things. My mom is one of my FAVORITE shopping buddies!

After we left the salon, I took her home and went to Jake's parents house to go see Jake, since that's where he was hanging out at. I felt really bad about how much I spent on my purse and switched all of my stuff out of my new Coach purse and into one of my old bags so that I could take it back. Jake said it was fine though - I could keep the bag. So then I put all my stuff back in the Coach bag haha. But after about a week, I realized that I just didn't love this Coach bag enough to justify how much I spent on it. If I spent that much on a bag, it had better be the greatest bag known to man kind. The most I had ever spent on a bag before was $70 and that bag is the BEST bag ever. It's currently my Sunday bag because it can hold all my Relief Society binders and still look super cute. And I wanted to LOVE my new bag, not just kinda like it. So this past Friday, while I was on a 2 hour lunch break {trying to avoid overtime} I braved the snow storm we were having and went to find a new bag.

The Coach bag
And I found one, at Bella Ella Boutique in American Fork on State Street. I walked in and it was one of the first bags I saw. They had it in flat black & purple. I carried the black one around the store while I looked at the clothes and to see if any other purse jumped out at me, and to see if they had that purse in other colors. And then, I parked in front of a body mirror and checked out the black and purple purse. I was really leaning towards black - matches everything. But I have SO many "neutral" purses, time for a new one. Time for something that is different. I got mint toes for goodness sakes. I'm going all out, pushing boundaries. So I got the purple bag.

Kind of an awkward picture... It has 2 straps on it, and a BILLION pockets. Seriously, there are empty pockets because I don't know what to put in them all. SO many pockets!! And I love the color. And it can hold SO much stuff! Awesome bag!!! And it was LOTS cheaper than the Coach bag!!
After I jumped back in my car - it was snowing really hard!!
I braved the snow a little longer and went to the Coach store and returned my old purse. They were just as good about returning it as they said they would be, so maybe someday I'll buy a purse from them. Probably not, but maybe. I've been "McClellanized" - I just couldn't stop thinking about how much money I had spent on something that wasn't needed, and that I didn't love. And now I love my new one! So I left for lunch with one bag and came back with another bag. Pretty productive lunch break right? And I "made" $80 bucks for taking the one back and buying the new one!! Feeling pretty good about that :)

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