Friday, February 15, 2013

Fit Friday: Frustrated

I just wrote this whole blog post and it deleted itself so I'm annoyed haha. But that's not why this entry is called "Frustated" - I'm frustrated because I didn't lose any weight this week. Then again, I ate pretty bad most of the days. I only stuck to my calories on 2 days. And I had a really hard time getting my butt up to workout 2 of the days. Skipped one workout all together, and then only did a short one 2 other days. So yeah, the scale wouldn't move. But it went up. By 6 pounds. The scale said 176 this morning. FRUSTRATED!!!  But I am learning. I have been really strict - saying things like "never gonna eat that again" so when I slip and eat it, I eat as much as I can since I have told myself that after this, I won't ever do it again. I hate that word never. It leads me to binging in the WORST way. But this week will be better :)

I am going to stick to my calories this week. No going over. And I am writing down everything I eat, no matter what. Those 2 goals right there should help me lose!!

Next Saturday {8 days} is family pictures with my mom & Rick. I look different than I did last time we took them, but I still want to look as good as possible so this is my new screen saver on my phone:

When I eat good though, I feel good - this was on Tuesday, before I binged at dinner and I felt awesome that day - healthy and had a really good hair day!!

Still loving my hair!!

This quote is AWESOME - made me feel lots better this week!
I am really excited to see how this week goes, now that there is no more concept of "never". And I am back on Shakeology. It worked before - I was losing and then I rocked the boat. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And I fixed it, then it broke. So back to exactly what I was doing before. LOTS of water. Lots of fruit and vegetables. Shakeology. Tracking EVERYTHING I eat. Planning my meals on the weekends. And guess what? This week will be different from last week. The scale is gonna change. You just wait and see.

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