Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Building A Fence: Part 1

The weekend before our trip, we started our fence. On Jake's birthday. Yeah, that's how awesome my hubby is - he agreed to build a fence on his birthday. It was also the weekend of General Conference... Note to self - don't do that ever again. We didn't end up watching ANY of Conference. I kept thinking we would finish in time for the afternoon sessions, but we didn't. So yeah, not doing projects Conference weekend EVER again!

The day before we started, we went to Cedar Fence Company in Provo to get the posts & the concrete. It was a little more expensive than it would have been if we just bought the supplies ourselves at Home Depot, but the posts had the "cuts" already in them at the top, and the ones at Home Depot we would have had to buy things to go on top and it looks lame, so we were glad we bought the posts at Cedar Fence!

Truck bed of wood!
And concrete on top! The bed was REALLY dragging haha!
After we were done at Cedar Fence, we drove to Home Depot to get a wheel barrow. That's when we realized we could have saved a little bit by going there, but not enough to feel bad about it. Jake got the wheel barrow and asked me to ride in it and I was like "heck no!!" - I didn't want people to think I am lame! And part of me still feels like I weigh 300 pounds - I don't know how a 300 pound person would look in a wheel barrow haha. We went to go look at paint, and a guy in paint also is a "chiver" {it's a website like Pinterest but for guys - Jake loves it} and wanted to get a picture with Jake and the guy told me to get in the wheel barrow. Ok if two people told me to do it, I am doing it. So someone took a picture of the 3 of us and then we headed off to check out, with me still riding in the wheel barrow!

It was actually really fun haha - we got some funny looks
After we finished at Home Depot, we went to Sushi with some friends from the ward - SO much fun! Jake & I love sushi, so it was way fun getting to eat it, plus we had awesome friends as company so it was great! Afterwards, we came home and went to sleep. We woke up the next day to Jake's dad calling to say they were on their way, so we hurried and got dressed and went outside {that was an interesting night - see the post about Jake's birthday for more details}.

We didn't make it too far the first day - the first post had a sprinkler in it right in the way, and the 2nd post had a HUMONGOUS piece of concrete in it. After we got 3 holes dug and the concrete poured in and the posts in, it started raining. So we gave up for day 1 with 3 posts in and 8 to go.

Jake digging the first hole!
Post 2 & 3
The piece of concrete we got out of hole 2 - and this was just a piece of it - we broke most of it off. It was a pain in the BUTT!!!
Dustin {Jake's older brother} and Jake's dad came back on Sunday and we finished the other 8 posts and got them all in and set!

Posts 7-9
We were SO relieved to know that we got all the posts in before we left for our trip! That was our plan - to let the concrete "set" while we were away, and then finish the fence as soon as we got back...

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