Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vegas Vaca: Day 2

We woke up at a pretty decent hour - {cough cough} 6 AM to be precise and watched Anchor Man on TV. We kinda had a weird thing going where we were watching lots of TV early in the morning - the day before {Monday} we woke up around 3 AM and watched Wreck It Ralph {ADORABLE movie by the way!} and on Jake's birthday {Saturday} we woke up around 2 and watched Hotel Translyvania {it was ok - not my favorite} so I wasn't too surprised. After Anchor Man, I wanted to go down to the gym and go for a run. I convinced Jake to come with me, in case there were bad guys in the hotel that might kidnap me. It worked though - he came!

Running on the elliptical... Note to self - don't take pictures of others while you are both running. They turn out like this!
My eyes were FINALLY going back to normal - the day before they were SUPER swollen!
Picture I posted on Instagram - ran just over 3 miles :)
Picture Jake posted on Facebook - made my day :)
After we finished at the gym, we showered and got ready for breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and then drove over to Cracker Barrel for some food!

Jake got French Toast...
I got pancakes {with turkey sausage and egg substitute - trying to be SLIGHTLY healthy haha}
After breakfast, we hit the open road and started for Vegas!

Palm Tree - for Suzie! :)
Pac Man bridge!!
I fell asleep - apparently our run kicked my butt a little too much - and woke up as we were pulling into Vegas Motor Speedway. Jake said he needed to go to the bathroom, but I think he wanted to look around at the Raceway. It's the place that no matter what, we ALWAYS end up there during a Vegas trip. We started out by going to the Richard Petty Driving Experience building - you can drive a real racecar around the race track! It was REALLY expensive, and you have to make reservations, so we got the information since we could come back and do it another day {seeing as this was just day 1 in Vegas}. We drove across the parking lot to the Shelby museum - it's where they have Ford cars that have been "upgrade" to the Shelby package? Yeah I was confused. But there was some nice cars in there!

My man is a man - he loves cars!
Loving the cars!
And then - the fun part started. We walked out to the car, and Jake rolled the sunroof back and just stopped everything so he could listen. To the roaring of a car engine. And of course we had to go investigate. Across the road, still at the Raceway, they had a place called "Exotics Racing" where you could drive a REALLY nice luxury car. I had seen something about it, but figured it was SUPER expensive so I hadn't mentioned it to Jake. We figured it would be free to go look, so we went across the road to go investigate.

Jake was trying so hard not to drool... a Lamborghini :)
Me and the Lambo :)
So we get inside, and they gave us a little bit of information and some wrist bands so that we could walk around and look at the cars. We were both SUPER excited to get up that close to some of the cars. We watched people drive them in and out of the parking area for a while, before I asked Jake if he wanted to do it. He said he didn't want to drive a car, but he would do a ride-along {they have a professional Indy-car racer drive around the track in a Ferrari with you as passenger and he tries to scare you}. I was like "heck no - I want you to drive a car!" So we looked at the prices {ranging from $199-$499 for 5 laps, depending on the car you pick} and I told him I REALLY wanted him to drive a Lamborghini - the cheapest one was $299 for 5 laps. He wasn't so sure, but after another half hour of watching people drive around the track, he let me talk him into it! We paid for him to do 5 laps and to get a video recording of it, and then sat down to wait for our orientation class to start!

Waiting for our class to start
The Porsche SUV they drive you around the track in before you drive your laps. I got to come too - they explain how to do the turns the fastest way possible. It was kinda different having them tell you that they REALLY want you to go fast in a corner haha.
Putting on his helmet after our Porsche SUV ride
Together :)
Getting ready to go!
I had a red wristband as an observer, he had a green wristband as a driver :)
He was kinda nervous...
Getting in his Lambo - giving me absolutely EVERYTHING from his pockets haha {PS his instructor & ride along buddy was also from Utah and our friend Keeshia knows him - small world! His name was Brandon}
Getting ready to go!
The Ferrari the Indy driver takes you in. I was too chicken to do it, and I get car sick WAY too easily haha
After he got back from his laps! He ended up doing 7 - if you buy one more lap, you get one free so for another $50 he got to do 2 more laps.
He got out of the car and I kept asking "How was it?!" and he just wasn't saying anything. I finally was like "Are you ok?!" and he was like "That was SO scary - I was going SO fast!" and we both laughed. Jake kinda has a lead foot...

If you want to see the video of him driving, click here. All said and done, his experience was $500. I totally think it was worth it - it isn't everyday that he can drive a Lamborghini. And he had a blast. And seeing that smile on his face was COMPLETELY worth it! Just one perk to not having kids yet and both of us working full time - we CAN afford to spend time on things like this!

After we left the track, we went to find the Pawn Shop from the TV show "Pawn Stars". Last time we came to Vegas {few years ago} we tried to find it and no such luck. This time, we googled it and the address came RIGHT up haha.

It was cool. Nothing amazing though. There was an area of the store you aren't allowed to take pictures though - that's kinda cool. Nobody from the show was there - they are on a month long vacation. Uh sign me up!
Then we went to Rick's Restoration, another TV Show in Vegas on History channel. I don't really watch that show, so I was bored, but Jake thought it was pretty cool.

After we were done being tourists, we headed to our hotel. We stayed at South Point Casino. Our hotel was a 4 star hotel, and it was under $50 a night thanks to! Seriously, amazing website! I loved buying our hotel there - and will definitely do so again!

We had to get a room with 2 queens instead of a King bed - made it nice to have a bed to throw clothes and shoes and stuff on though haha
TV, dresser & desk
Mirror by the door - I loved this mirror! Lighting sucked but it was nice having a full body mirror right by the door!
Outfit I was wearing that day - see, I love this mirror haha!

View from the doorway

Bathroom counter was HUGE - SO nice since I didn't have to put my stuff away everyday!
We watched Jake's video from his laps {they gave it to us on a flashdrive} and then we took a nap. And woke up at 9 PM. Haha whoops. Good thing Vegas doesn't sleep or we would have wasted part of our day with that nap!! We got freshened up and then went to find us some dinner.

Picture together - this is one of my favorite pictures from our trip
Our outfits before we went out - this picture makes me laugh SO hard! I love Jake's smile - makes it totally ok that he is making fun of me :)
Elevator picture!
We had every intention of going to "locals only" places while we were on our trip. Yep didn't happen haha. We found a "Steak N Shake" in our hotel, and figured we'd try that out!

Our shakes - I got Mint Oreo & Jake got Chocolate Covered Strawberry
My burger - had guacamole on it! MMMMMM my favorite!
Jake's burger :)
After dinner, we went to Fremont Street and walked around there. There was a guy who made us this flower/cross thing out of palm tree leaves. I loved it! Other than that though, it wasn't super exciting. They had a zipline and we were going to do it, but the wind was blowing so we figured we'd go back another night but we never ended up doing it.

A cross, a rose & a heart out of palm tree leaves. In the LDS church, we don't worship or carry crosses, so we took it apart and just kept the rose part...
It's really pretty - I love it!
And then we made it back to our room, a little before 2 AM. Even though we had taken a nap, I was still ready to go to sleep. And our bed was pretty comfortable, which was really nice. This was DEFINITELY my favorite day in Vegas!

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