Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vegas Vaca: Day 3

The next day, we woke up around 11 - that felt SO late compared to the last few days of waking up early to watch movies haha. I couldn't get Jake to wake up {he had a hard time falling asleep} so I went down to the gym by myself. I ran on the elliptical and then got on the bike.

Elliptical thinks I burned 461 calories - I know that isn't right because I don't burn that many with my heart rate monitor on while doing Turbo and that's WAY harder than an elliptical! But oh well - I worked up a sweat :)
Me, the bike & my elliptical
I went back up to the room and Jake was just waking up. We showered and got ready and then went to the Buffet inside the hotel. We got there just as they were closing from lunch - at 3. They kept the food out until 3:30 so we ate anyway. I don't know if the food was just not so great or if I have eaten so healthy for so long that I have gotten pickier or what but that food was not good. I ended up eating like a bite of each thing I got and then nothing else. Except my salad - they had a great salad bar. And the chocolate cake. That was good too haha. After we were done eating, we went back to our hotel room to get the car keys and drove down to the strip and parked the car near the M&M Factory. Neither of us had ever been there before and we wanted to go check it out!

Me & peanut M&M
Kyle Busch is my FAVORITE Nascar driver, and M&M is his main sponsor, so of course I HAD to get a picture with his car!!
On the bottom floor, you could assemble your own bag of the M&M's you want to eat! UH, yes!

The bag I assembled - coconut, peanut, mint, raspberry & peanut butter M&M's. YUMMY!!
Pink peanut M&M's. My favorite color. My favorite M&M. WOOT!@@
I was so excited they had them sorted by color haha. I am very easily excited apparently!
After we were done at the M&M Factory, we walked to Caesar's Palace to see the statue show they have. It was a longer walk than we both thought it would be and we were happy to sit down and rest our feet while we watch the show!

The statues in the show
The show was cool - nothing amazing but it was fun to watch. We looked around in some of the shops and then started our way back to the car. On our way down one of the escalators, we saw a Transformer! I wanted to take a picture with him but it cost money so I hurried and took one on the way down!

I love Transformers!!
We also saw Buzz & Woody, Hello Kitty, Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp, and a WHOLE bunch of Vegas show girls. Gotta love the sexuality that is EVERYWHERE in Vegas, even when the sun is up. On our way back to the car, we passed a smoothie shop and I was feeling the need for some fruits and veggies. They had a green smoothie with 5 fruits & veggies in it, so I HAD to get it haha!

It was WAY good!!
After we were back to the car, we headed out to West Vegas. Jake follows a desert racer named BJ Baldwin on Instagram and he LOVES him. BJ Baldwin is based out of Vegas, and Jake had REALLY been hoping we could go see his shop. Well, turns out that there is always a Wednesday meet up at a tattoo shop in West Vegas and BJ was going to be there! So yeah, we HAD to go so that Jake could meet him!

Waiting in the car for BJ to show up
BJ's car he came in - it's a super lifted/pimped out Bronco
Jake was drooling haha
Close up of his car
His license plate - cool huh?!
And he took a picture with Jake!! I was very impressed - he doesn't let his fame get to his head. He was super nice!
Once we got back to the hotel room, Jake was REALLY feeling like he wanted to do something to make it up to me since we had been doing lots of stuff that he wanted to do, so I got to pick what we did next. So I said, lets go to the movies....

YAY going to the movies!!
And I want to go see "The Host"...

But he agreed. I was SUPER excited - I have been anxiously waiting for "The Host" to come out and couldn't wait to see it. Our hotel had a movie theater upstairs {like an ENTIRE movie theater - blew my mind} but they didn't have any showings of "The Host" that late, so we ended up going to see "Olympus Has Fallen" instead.

Popcorn and my hubby
Sitting together!
That movie was AMAZING. It is rated "R", for language. And there is a LOT of language. But the plot was INSANELY amazing. We were both very surprised how much we liked the movie. After the movie got out, it was close to 3 AM so we went back to our hotel room to get some sleep after a super fun day :)

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