Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vegas Vaca: Day 1

Ok get ready for blog post OVERLOAD! We have had TONS going on in our lives lately!!

So Jake & I both took a little over a week off of work - 10 days to be exact. We took Friday April 5-Sunday April 14 off and it was WONDERFUL to get so much time together! We asked for this particular week off a while ago - at the beginning of the year, because we had  thought we would be getting sealed around this time and we could take a "second honeymoon" kinda trip. Well, we aren't sealed QUITE yet, but we figured we should still go on our trip so we planned a trip to Vegas! The original plan was to leave on Tuesday, April 9, but we ended up leaving on Monday instead since we had no reason to not go a day early :)

We left home in the afternoon, after we got some work done around the house {our whole weekend was devoted to our yard - that post is coming!} and after we took Max to my parents house. Because our hotel reservations weren't set until Tuesday, we figured we would drive until we got tired and just stay wherever for Monday night. Once we made it to Beaver though, the roads got WAY sketchy - it was SO snowy!!

Plows came out shortly after this
Relaxing with my feet up :)
We had a lot of fun on the drive, just listening to our "We the Kings" Pandora station on our iPhones. I don't know if I have ever talked about that station on the blog, now that I think about it. I LOVE IT! There are SO many new bands I am finding as a result. And it's nice not listening to country ALL the time now haha. And it was nice that we had Pandora the whole way down - I thought at some point we would lose service but we didn't!

We made it a "Maverik" only trip - every single gas fill up {except a few gallons} were at a Maverik!
By the time we made it to Cedar City, it was pretty late and really dark. We decided it wouldn't be a good idea to go through the Virgin River Gorge in Arizona in the dark, so we decided to stay in St George. Jake's family has a friend who manages a hotel in St George, so we figured we would stay there and see him in the morning - 2 birds with 1 stone :)

Where we slept Monday in St George - it was a GORGEOUS hotel!
After we got checked in, we went up to the room and dropped off our stuff, and then walked across the street to Players Sports Grill for dinner.

Our hotel - it was REALLY nice - I would DEFINITELY stay there again!

The food was pretty good - it's a lot like Iggy's

Eating dinner at Players
After dinner we walked back to the hotel and went to sleep almost immediately. For some reason, I was REALLY tired and ready to call it a day. YAY for starting our trip 1 day early though!

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