Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Building A Fence: Part 2

Friday, we woke up in Vegas and drove home. We parked the Mazda, got in the truck and drove to get Max from my parents house. After we got him home and situated, we got back in the truck and drove to Buffalo Wild Wings for some late lunch/early dinner, and then went to Lowe's to price match the remaining supplies needed for our fence. It was cheaper there than it was at Home Depot, so we bought the remainder of the supplies we needed. I was a little disappointed in Lowe's Customer Service - nobody asked us if we needed help loading these 300 pieces of wood onto the cart. But someone did help us load it into the truck, so at least they did that!

Jake was so tired from loading all the wood onto the cart, and then he got to load it into the truck! This cart has all the slats for the fence...
And this cart had all the other pieces needed for the fence
Saturday morning, Jake's dad and brothers came over around 10 and we started working on the fence. The first hour or so, we all stood around trying to figure out how to calculate the "gap" between slats, and eventually just decided we'd figure it out with trial and error. Our other side of the fence is done {the side we share with the Barth's} so we compared a lot of our measurements to that side, but for some things we just had to figure it out. Once we got that part down, it went pretty fast! Having a nail gun helped a TON. Having multiple saw's at the house helped a TON. Having Jake's dad and both brothers there helped a TON!

The first 3 sections in!
Dustin was pretty much the nail gun guy
Dad & Clint were awesome at measuring the angles for the top, bottom and middle boards and prepping the wood so that Jake & Dustin could just nail everything together
All the way done with 8 sections!
We made it a family affair - on the left, Clint, Mom & Dad were doing measurements while on the right Jake & Dustin nailed the fence together. I am so lucky to have such amazing in laws!
It looked like a party at our house - there were so many cars! Our truck was backwards and to the side, Jake's dad's truck was in the front...
Jake's mom's car was in the driveway & Jake's brothers truck was on the other side of the house!
After we got done with about 9 sections, we decided to stop and take a pizza break. I ordered Pizza Hut for everyone and we took a break to eat some lunch.

Jake's dad eating behind some pizza boxes
Pizza on the counter
After we got our fill on pizza, we went back out and finished the fence. We got the ENTIRE fence done - just needed to finish the gate! Jake & his dad went to get the supplies that night while I went grocery shopping and then on Sunday, Jake's dad, mom & older brother came BACK over to help us finish the gate!

Starting the measurements
Getting the slats in
And I apparently forgot to take a picture of the finished product - my bad! I will have to take one and post it in Part 3! We absolutely LOVE it! We need to put up one more piece on the front of the gate, and we need to put up some chicken wire in the back so that Max can't sneak out onto the golf course, but other than that we are DONE with the building part! Next step is painting & my family is going to help with that part! We are planning on painting this Saturday! Hopefully we can get that last piece of wood up first so that we can paint it at the same time! Yay for our fence being so close to done!

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