Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vegas Vaca: Day 4

Day 4 we woke up even later - by the time we got ready and were downstairs in our hotel to eat breakfast, it was around 4 PM. Granted, we slept for a REALLY long time {it's vacation - why not?!} and then it took me a while to get ready, but still - getting down to "civilization" around 4?! That's ridiculous haha. Our sleep schedule got WAY messed up while we were away but that's ok!

We decided to eat at Coronado Cafe, a restaurant inside the hotel. The food was pretty good - Jake got a steak that had me SO close to throwing up {WAY too bloody & fatty} and I had chicken strips. I tell ya, I'm a little kid - when I eat out and I'm not trying to make a healthy choice, that's ALWAYS what I pick. That or Mac N Cheese. Preferrably together :)

Us together at breakfast/lunch at dinner time haha
We decided to go to Mandalay Bay and go to the Shark Aquarium. On our way, we got sidetracked and went to the Vegas Outlets near the strip. Jake seriously felt bad that we hadn't spent insane amounts of money on me, so he kept encouraging me to buy something {read: purse} but I couldn't find anything I liked. There is a Coach purse that I REALLY wanted but they didn't have it in the right color in a single Coach store in Vegas. That was enough reason right there not to get anything :) We did end up buying some of those Energy Armor bracelets that they sell in Kiosk's - so far they aren't doing anything too diferent but we are hoping they will work.

Once we were at Mandalay Bay, we ended up at Starbuck's and got the coffee-free Frappacino's. SO delicious!!

Look at that handsome guy!!
MMMM chocolate...
Once we got to the aquarium, we realized that we can't take any outside food or drinks in, so we both drank our drinks as fast as we could and got major brain freeze. Then, it was time to see some animals! Jake recorded a lot of this on his Go Pro - hopefully some of it makes in onto YouTube and then I will come back and post links :)

Humongous alligator/crocodile that was hiding - from the other window you can't see him at all
Komodo dragon
Huge python - Jake sent a picture to his dad to freak him out {snakes are not Jake or his dad's favorite}
Big fish
HUGE fish
Lizard that Jake & I decided was dead and they just left it to look like something in the case - it wasn't moving AT ALL!
Another big fish
Gorgeous sea life
Stopped for a picture
Tunnel you walk through and sharks swim over... Not gonna lie - this freaked me out!
That's a big shark!
Awesome looking fish!
Sting Rays & Horseshoe Crabs!
Jelly Fish. These blow my mind - how are they even surviving?!
Star fish
Star fish & an Octopus!
Lots of sharks!
Yep, more sharks
The display is set up so it looks like you are in a sunken ship - SO cool!
After we were done at the aquarium, we started to drive back to our hotel to find something to do. And then we passed the New York New York and the roller coaster was still going - UH YES! So we found a parking place and went and rode the New York Roller Coaster.

Waiting to ride the roller coaster!
I started getting scared haha
Jake recorded it on the Go Pro - he said it was hilarious to watch because I was screaming haha. Once that's on YouTube, I'll post a link for that too!

Once we were back in our hotel room, we decided to go swimming. We always bring swimsuits, and we never end up getting in the pool. Well not this trip! We left the room, and I realized I had grabbed the room key for our St George hotel, not for the Vegas hotel so we had to go wait at the front desk for a new key. But we finally got one and went out to the pool. The pool was pretty cold, and the hot tub had a TON of people in it and was too chlorine-ey so we just froze in the pool.

Getting ready to go down to the pool
The part of the pool we swam in - the pool was REALLY big
FINALLY got a picture of the hotel!
After we were done swimming, we went back to the room and showered and cleaned up to go get some dinner.

He is totally making fun of me, and I have no make up, and yet I love this haha :)
We saw a "Cane's" right by the outlets earlier in the day, which were a few miles from our hotel and decided to go there. Our brother-in-law Blake {Brynne's husband} is from Vegas and he LOVES it there. We had their chicken fingers at Brynne & Blake's Vegas reception.

We wanted some ice cream too, and they didn't seem to have any on the menu {maybe we didn't look hard enough??} so we brought the food back to our hotel room and stopped at the Steak N Shake downstairs to get some shakes and then took it all up to our room. We ate our gourmet food on our bed while watching TV and then went to sleep - we knew we were going to need to leave for home on the earlier side so we called it a night early. It was SUCH a fun trip!!

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