Monday, April 1, 2013

Swooning Interrupted

So as I mentioned here, Lindsey & I were planning to have a Twilight marathon this past weekend together. As much as we wanted to sit and watch all 5 movies in one sitting, we knew that wouldn't happen, and Lindsey was working Saturday so then it REALLY wasn't realistic. Tentative plan was to watch the first 2 together.

Until Friday morning Jake got a call letting him know that he wasn't working overtime after all. YAY for him getting a real weekend, but that meant that if I still went to my girls night, I would leave him at home on a Friday night doing nothing. I was thinking that meant I needed to cancel my girls night, especially since Saturday night was the Young Women's Broadcast and I would be there for a few hours.

I got to work and right before I told Lindsey that I might have to cancel, she mentioned that her hubby Spencer was bummed he might have to have a night alone of doing nothing so he wanted to just watch the movies with us. Well, there's a thought - I could ask Jake to come too! That way, I don't bail on Lindsey but I still get time with Jake. I called him about an hour before I got off work and kinda begged and he agreed to come.

On our way to Lindsey & Spencer's house in Lehi, we stopped at Pizza Hut and got some dinner for all of us to share. We got a tour of their house and then dug in to our pizza while we watched New Moon. Lindsey & I decided we had seen Twilight enough times that we didn't need to sit through that one. After New Moon, we all gauged how we were doing energy wise and decided to watch Eclipse too.

It was really fun to watch these movies with Lindsey, since we talk about them ALL THE TIME at work. And it was SO much fun to make fun of them together haha. Jake & Spencer were both REALLY good sports, and I got the chance to cuddle with one of Lindsey's boxers Duke. He is a purebred, and he's a HUGE teddy bear. He was SO cuddly - it's definitely different cuddling with a dog that weighs more than 9 pounds though haha. Lindsey's other boxer Chloe is pregnant {HOPEFULLY!} and we are planning to buy one of her puppies so that we can have a boxer too! I think it helped that Jake got to see how absolutely gorgeous these two boxers are - now he is really excited to get a new puppy too!

But the plan had been that Lindsey & I would get to swoon at all the Jacob shirtless scenes... So that part of the plan got interrupted since hubby's were there. But we did keep track of the number of scenes he had his shirt off. I think we counted 7 times.

As soon as I finish Breaking Dawn {yeah I'm still not done haha} we are going to watch those two together too. Hopefully we can convince hubby's to watch them with us again :)

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