Sunday, April 28, 2013

The best question...

4 years ago today, my amazing Jake asked me to marry him. And oh my gosh was I excited!! Figured since I've never posted the story before that I would post it today!

We had been dating for about 8 months and I was SOOOO ready for him to ask me. We {read I} talked about the wedding ALL THE TIME. We went to Las Vegas at the beginning of April for his birthday - my treat. And I just KNEW he'd propose. We had gone to Schubach Jewelers a few weeks before the trip and looked at rings and I found THE ring - it was gorgeous and the center stone was princess cut {just like I wanted} and turned at an angle. And it was pink. And it was $4000. But I figured I was worth it and that he should buy it for me.

So we're in Vegas in front of the Bellagio water show, at night, with music playing... And nothing. No proposal. And the next day, a few chances came up {like at the top of the Stratosphere} - nothing. I was determined not to say anything because I didn't want him to realize that I knew he was going to propose. Until we drove home - then I kinda let him have it for not asking me!

He told me he had gone to buy my ring but backed out because it was too expensive. I got defense because this is MY ring - I LOVED it and he knew it. Wasn't I worth that 1 time investment??

So of course I insisted we keep shopping since the one I wanted was a no. We went to Shane Co with a VERY strict budget and I found a ring I really liked - still pink. Wasn't love like the one at Schubach but I did really like it. It was quite a bit smaller and THAT'S what I was wanting - a big ol' rock.

We put it on lay away so that Jake could make payments on it and then we'd own it and get it, rather than making payments after we already had it. So I figured it'd be a whole before he asked me.

A few days later, Jake saw a catalog for Kay Jewelers on his parents counter. He flipped through it to the back where the men's rings are and was surprised to see they had a black wedding band. That's what he wanted and we'd looked EVERYWHERE to find one, with no luck. Seeing that SOMEONE really did make them got me excited, so we got in the car that second and drove to Kay.

We walked in and immediately found it. He tried it on and the display fit, so we wouldn't have to order one! I told him we were buying it, even though he technically hadn't asked me yet. He agreed, and we told the guy we wanted it. He noticed I didn't have a ring and asked if we wanted to look at some stuff.

I got annoyed {we already agreed to buy something - don't upsale!!} but Jake was the always polite one and agreed to look at a few. I was pretty snotty and made sure the guy knew we wanted pink, and I was SURE they wouldn't have anything. He immediately walked to the counter behind us and said "oh we have a case full!" Great.

And immediately one caught my eye. I pointed it out and tried it on. Perfect for. The main stone was pink with smaller pink colored sapphires underneath, and then had small diamonds leading up to the main stone. It was GORGEOUS. And HUGE - exactly the size stone I wanted. Jake looked at me with that "I don't want you to be mad but you've got a budget" look and we both knew it'd cost more than the ring at Schubach, let alone my ring on hold at Shane Co. I turned it over, saw the price and about fell over. I showed Jake and his eyes about bulged out of his head - it was WAY cheaper than the Shane Co ring. Like half the price. We asked the guy if it was right, and he let us know it was wrong {we both looked bummed at each other} because it was on sale and was cheaper than THAT!

Needless to say, we bought it. Both rings went in a bag in the closet and we agreed not to look at them until he had proposed. I was DYING knowing my ring was so close but couldn't wear it.

The next day, Jake asked me to get them out so we could look at them. I jumped up and grabbed them and handed the whole bag to him. He opened the box with my ring, pulled it out, and made a BIG show of putting it on my finger while laughing and said "Girlfriend, will you marry me?"

So he ALWAYS called me girlfriend. It was my name. And he always proposed. In the grocery store aisles. On the phone. At work. And every time I'd say "Can I put it on Facebook?" and he'd say no - he was just playing.

So I let him slide it on my hand and asked if I could post it to Facebook. And he said yes.

And I just stated at him.

And then I started screaming and called my mom. Without saying yes. Without kissing him. Just called my mom in the other room.

We screamed together and then I posted it on Facebook. Before we could call Jake's parents. Whoops....

And then Jake came out and said "Can I have a kiss at least?" I felt SOOOO stupid - got so excited to tell the world I was engaged that I neglected the amazing guy who asked.

We drove to see my mom that night at an event Brynne had in Lehi and showed them my ring. And 4 months later, we got married :)

I'll have to do a wedding re cap one of these days too! Yay for 4 years of getting to wear a gorgeous pink ring on my left hand!!

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  1. What a cute story! Now, I'm dying to look at your ring - it is so pretty!!