Monday, April 29, 2013

Extension Progress

Last Thursday I got my extensions tightened. Again. My hair grows SO fast - which is nice, except I have to get my extensions tightened more often than the "average" person. This time was the first time that we took the extensions all the way out and then put them back in "from scratch". Which means this was the first time I got to see how long my hair is getting!!

Definitely making progress - I can TOTALLY tell it's growing!
On the left it was straightened, on the right it's round brushed so the difference isn't QUITE as dramatic. The left was the day I got them put in

And a pic yesterday with them in - they are a little longer this month because of where we put them! LOVING it!
Like I said last month, I am ready for them to be out {mostly for financial reasons} but for now, I am LOVING how long my hair is and that I didn't have to wait for it to grow!

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