Monday, April 29, 2013

Motivational Monday: My best weekend yet!

Ok I had an AMAZING health weekend! Like, one of the best weekends I have ever had as far as "healthy" weekends go! Friday night I had my Boston 5K and then had a protein bar, veggies and crackers for dinner. Counted out my portions. Had an awesome calorie deficit for the day.

Then I went to my girls night with Suzie & Calli and we had SO much fun. We watched "Vampires Suck". Hilarious movie. And they had pie and I had NONE. BAM - GO ME!!

Pajama's are required at girls night!
Saturday, I woke up and got dressed and went straight downstairs to go lift weights. I did ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 and was shaking by the end. Then I had a banana & a protein bar and went to go visit one of my neighborhood bestie's Athina. And then, I went for a 6 mile jog in preparation for my half coming up. Other than on the treadmill in St George, this was my first time running since the day I ran my last half marathon back in October!!!

I wanted to drive somewhere and run home, rather than make a loop or to run to a point and then run back. For some reason, actually GOING somewhere makes it more fun for me. I just happened to choose a bad route. I started almost in City Center in Eagle Mountain and then ran to the highway and along it back to the Ranches. Once I got to Maverik, I would have done 6 miles and I could walk home from there.

Getting out of City Center sucked. It's flat. It's brown. It's ugly. There's no landmarks. So I just felt like I was running and getting NOWHERE. There wasn't any "ok run to the end of that street and then you can walk" because there are NO landmarks! And there was no shoulder so I either ran in the road or on gravel. Seriously, BAD route. I won't run there ever again haha. I walked more of it than I wanted to. But once I got to the highway it went much better. I was able to run the majority of the highway part and I was proud of that.

I read on another healthy blog that you should train for runs with a heart rate monitor. And even though you want to go a certain pace, you train at the optimal heart rate level and as you get fitter, you can run faster to stay at that heart race level. So I tried it and it worked pretty well! I was totally able to go at a good pace for me while still getting in a good workout. And that helped me mentally - because I was PROUD of how long I could jog at that pace.

With the warm up and the cool down walk, it was like 7.3 miles. So my time sucked but right now I am not too focused on time. Just want to get my lungs and legs ready for this run since I haven't been as consistent with my workouts the last month.

I was SOOO excited to see my house haha - that meant my run was done!
After my run, I drank about a gallon of water and then made an egg sandwich with mandarin oranges on the side. And half hour later was shaking still from hunger, so I had some tuna with hummus & crackers. Even though I burned over 1000 calories in my run and over 200 in my lift, I didn't want to ruin all that hard work and eat a ton of junk! After my second lunch I felt more stable. I did a quick stretch and then rested my muscles for a few hours before we ran some errands and then came home to eat Cafe Rio on the couch while we watched Motocross.

And I said before - if I work out on Saturday I can have Ice Cream. Well, I worked out. And it was Saturday. So I got me some ice cream.

Arctic Zero Ice Cream - 150 calories for the whole pint!
Sunday I did AMAZING on my calories. I ended up going over by a few, but it was on a salad and extra asparagus with dinner. I knew I was starving, and I knew I needed to eat something else or I would eat the pantry, so I added a light salad to my dinner and it totally fixed it - I was pretty close to full by the end of my dinner! And I didn't eat sugar afterwards - no ice cream, no Hershey's kisses, no brownies, nothing! BAM!!

This morning, I was able to get up and workout. I had enough energy, on a Monday, to do it. That hasn't happened in a WHILE! And I got on the scale.

And it said 178.6.

Yeah, I lost 6.4 pounds since Friday.

So either there was some water weight or I was bloated or I just ate AWESOME or something but yeah I was SOO happy to see that number go down so drastically! And it made eating healthy over the weekend SO worth it!!

I saw this on Facebook from a fellow Turbo addict/Beachbody Coach and loved it!! I've heard of the "jar" concept where you put money in one jar, and then as you lose weight you move the money to the other jar. With this concept though, you put in a motivational quote for each pound you want to lose. And as you lose a pound, you move it to the other jar. And on days you don't feel like working out, you read the inspiration in the "pounds lost" jar. What a good idea right?!

One thing I have noticed over the last few days is that I am hungry. Like all the time. I know on days that I lift weights I feel hungrier, and I lifted today & Saturday so maybe that's why? It's been slightly hard though - thinking you are hungry and telling yourself to ignore it is WAY harder than I remember! But it's ok. Seeing that lower number this morning was TOTALLY worth it!

Speaking of lower number. I have a new goal. So my highest all time weight was 292. January 1, 2012 I was 252. So I lost 40 through cutting out soda over a 1.5 year span. I want to ultimately get to half my original weight - so 146. But before that, I want to get to 152. 100 pounds lost since starting weight watchers & tracking my calories, since adding Turbo to my life. And even though those 2 numbers are super close, it'll give me 2 different things to celebrate! If I lose a consistent 2 pounds per week, that puts me at 152 on July 29. I can TOTALLY do that!! Just need to listen to my body and push it in my workouts, and acknowledge when I am hungry so that I don't "try to wait" and go nuts on calories when I do eat. And then I'll give myself another month to lose the other 6 pounds since those last few can be stubborn! I'm excited to have a goal. And I'm excited to see what I look like at 146 pounds - at half my weight. That's a LOW number. And I can't WAIT to see it on my scale!!

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  1. I just think you're amazing! Way to go girl. I loved reading about how Jake proposed! So fun.