Monday, December 2, 2013

34 & 35 weeks - a cantaloupe

Dear Kaycee, 

Sorry I didn't post last week about being 34 weeks - I haven't been blogging as well since I came home. For both 34 & 35 weeks, you were a large cantaloupe so at least that didn't change! I bet you're a cute cantaloupe. 

You are little miss active lately and love to move around, especially late in the day. I'm sure I'm going to miss this once you're here, but for right now it's a super cool feeling. You tend to stop moving whenever dad puts his hand on my tummy, but the other day you were hyper enough you just kept on kicking and he got to feel just how active you were. You really seemed to like going for a ride on Grandma & Grandpa's Razor - I think that means you're going to be just like dad and love being outside on 4 wheelers. With all your kicking, I feel like I have to go to the bathroom 10,000 times a day because you're always kicking my bladder but I don't mind. I love feeling you move all the time. 
Max started cuddling dad more, probably because he knows that I won't have as much time for cuddling him once you're here. That and he is running out of room on my lap if he tries to sit on my lap while I'm sitting up. The last few days though, he has been cuddling up again. I sure hope you two get along once you can see each other! 

Laying his head right where you were moving
Hiding in the blankets after I got up to go to the bathroom
Watching a BYU football game with me & dad, cuddled right up next to you
Fell asleep on my lap, right below you
Laying right on top of you {after he got out every single toy he owns }
At my last appointment, they said it felt like you were head down but they are going to do a quick ultrasound next week to double check. That's crazy to me that you're already "in position" for when you make your debut! Mom & dad have our first birth class this week - hopefully we learn some good stuff to help get us ready for your big day.  

No real crazy cravings lately, other than I want Cafe Rio every. single. day. That's not that abnormal for me though, I have always loved Cafe Rio. I just REALLY love it now. That and hamburgers. You sure like meat princess. That's really different for me, since I was vegetarian for a while and now I want meat all the time. If I go a day without eating meat, I don't feel very good. That's definitely you're favorite source of protein!

I don't feel all that miserable, yet. It's starting to become a little more uncomfortable to sleep though, that's for sure. I usually sleep really good if I am on the couch, but lately even that isn't a guarantee. The chiropractor has helped some, and so does taking warm baths. The biggest "pain" I have is when I yawn or sneeze - it feels like my stomach is ripping in half. That feels AWESOME, that's for sure! Dad always knows I'm going to make a weird face after I sneeze since it hurts so bad. You're worth it though, princess!

Mom was given tons of clothes for you a few weeks ago by a friend in the ward, and when I say tons i mean TONS. Your room was a MESS for a while!

Can you tell where I was sitting? 
Pile of stuff to keep - it kept falling over!
I went through all your clothes, washed them & then Grandma {mom's mom} came and helped me sort them into sizes and then fold them or hang them in your little closet. Dad & Grandpa {dad's dad} are hoping to customize your closet a little bit and build another shelf in there so I have more places to stack things. Your dresser is already full and ready for your arrival though! I can't wait to dress you up in all these cute clothes. Mom's got a friend who once said something about having a baby girl was like a doll you got to dress up all the time. That's EXACTLY how I feel looking at all the cute clothes for you - I can't WAIT to dress you up! 

You're due date is less than 5 weeks away - 4 weeks and 5 days to be exact. It's coming SO fast!! Dad wants me to start thinking about packing my bag so that if you come early we will be ready to just grab a bag and go. I'm hoping to get your car seat soon so that stress will be gone. I sure can't wait to see you princess. 

Dad confided to me that he hasn't ever changed a diaper before, I think he's a little worried about doing it right. Don't worry, I'll make sure to show him. That's one of the downsides to being our first - we'll get to practice things with you, and we'll have it mastered by the time we have your little siblings. Sorry about that, but you'll get ALL our attention for a while too, so there are positives to being the first born. 

I can't wait to be your mom, baby girl. And to see your dad hold you for the first time. It's going to be awesome. 


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  1. So fun reading your updates! Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving and I love your family Christmas traditions. Very cool!