Tuesday, December 24, 2013

38 weeks - a watermelon

Dear Kaycee,

Like I predicted last week, you're still a watermelon. And like I said last week, my tummy is definitely getting bigger. Still not anywhere near as big as I thought I would be by 38 weeks though, so that's a good thing!

How far along? 38 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain? Yeah not gonna discuss THAT one lol 
Maternity clothes?  Oh for sure. I am starting to really look forward to having more of my closet to wear again, rather than just my maternity items! I wear my pj's a lot, since I don't go too many places
Sleep? Definitely more uncomfortable. Sleeping in my bed is almost unbearable unless I am exhausted, which I usually am by the time I go to sleep. My sleep schedule is really weird right now - I go to bed around 3 or 4 AM and sleep until noon isn each day. So by the time I actually fall asleep, I am tired enough to make the bed work. Otherwise, I go out to the couch. 
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back, and being able to take full, deep breaths. I feel winded all the time!
Movement? Yes! You are almost always on the right side of my body, and you love hanging out near my rib cage. I'm constantly pushing you down, and dad's always reminding me to be soft or I'll push you out lol. 
Cravings? Nothing super crazy this week, just Cafe Rio & peanut butter. Nothing new there! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Being in the car was hard this week, but I think that was more because I was hungry each time we drove and being hungry and the car are never a good combo for me. Haven't thrown up in quite a while though {knock on wood!} And one day for lunch, dad made himself some taco's and the smell of the ground beef about did me in. As soon as he added taco seasoning, I was fine. Just the smell of plain beef was hard to deal with. 
Gender?  Girl
Labor Signs? Nothing this week. I had thought you might be dropping, and you could be, but you definitely haven't dropped all the way. I haven't felt any BH or contractions lately, just minor cramping for a few seconds and then I'm good again. The last few weeks have been great, all things considered!
Symptoms? Nope! 
Belly Button in or out? In, and it'll stay that way :)
Wedding rings on or off? Still off. I'm having a hard time with it still :(
Looking forward to: Seeing your cute self. I think you're gonna be a baldy, and that's ok - I have had zero heartburn, so that's why I think you'll have no hair. And seeing you with dad. That's going to be the main thing I think about while I am in labor - just how badly I want to see your dads face when he sees you.  

Stretch marks? Yes and no, only what I had before pregnancy but they are faint and hard to see, thankfully

Max had a few cuddle incidents, as usual, with you this week. He has been stepping on you more - especially if we are in the car. He uses light pressure though, and puts most of his weight through his other 3 legs and just rests a leg on you. Dad always gets mad when he does that lol. He has been VERY different this week though - he's always sleepy, and he's always following me. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Dad and I are both a little worried he might be sick - I sure hope not. I'm hoping he is just sensing things are going to change, and that he'll need to be a little bit more mellow than before and so he's just changing. I guess we'll see though! 

Cuddling up right on top of you
Laying in your boppy pillow after I put the new cover on it
Belly rub??
This past week we celebrated Christmas with Grammy & Grandpa Rick, and you got a LOT of presents from them. I will do a separate post on that, but you got a lot of stuff! One of the items you got from them was sheets! It was so fun to come home and put them on your little bed. 

We also did our sibling gift exchange - the gift I asked for was a Willow Tree figurine to put in your room, and Uncle Blake got it for me!

On a more serious note, I had this weird thought this week that delivery is going to be kinda like a half marathon. And yes, I know, I always compare things to marathons lol. But seriously, it's going to be like a half marathon! I do not like running. At all. In any distance. Let alone in 13.1 miles kinda distance. And after I hit mile 2, I am like "why the fetch did I sign up to run this stupid race?!" By the time I hit mile 9, I am thinking "I am NEVER going to do this ever again. As soon as I cross that stupid finish line, I am DONE running for the rest of my life!!" And then at mile 13, as I am getting close to the finish line and people are lined up and cheering, I am like "eh it wasn't so bad - maybe I'll do this again in a few years" and then I cross the finish line and I get my medal and I am like "BAM that was awesome! When can I do this again?!" I think delivery is going to be JUST like that - at the middle I am going to be like "man we are DONE having kids - 1 is plenty!" and by the time I am at "mile 13" and you're almost here and everyone is saying "just one more push - you're almost done!" I'm going to be like "ok seriously, I'll do this again in a few years but not anytime soon" and then I'll see your cute face {my "medal"} and you're going to be beyond worth it and you'll end up having siblings as a result lol. 

I am becoming more and more excited as time goes by. And I am becoming more anxious. Not a bad anxious, but more like a "oh yay she's really coming!" kinda anxious. I am so excited to see you, to be a mom for real. Not just a mom to a dog, or a soon-to-be mom who's expecting, but a real mom. To a real little person. To you. Even though your due date is in 10 days, I don't think you'll be here for 17 days. I think you'll need to be induced, just like me. We'll be twins :) But we'll see, maybe you'll surprise us! 

I love you, honey. You've been beyond worth everything I've been through the last 9 months.


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