Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Fun Activity

After our day at the Sand Dunes, we hurried home to get some warm winter clothes and meet up with my family. My mom heard about a 3 part tradition another family in their ward does that she wanted to copy, so we are starting it this year. Instead of doing gifts, we have 3 family activities together in December that my parents pay for. A fun activity, a service activity & a cultural night where we go out to eat somewhere nice. This past Saturday, we got to do the Fun activity! We went to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights in a horse drawn trailer.

Brynne, Blake, Jeannene, mom, Rick, Dayton {Popper's boyfriend}, Popper, me & Jake
Blake & Brynne
Me & Jake
Our house drawn wagon!
Me & Jake
Brynne & Blake
After we rode through the lights, we all had hot chocolate together under the lights. It was REALLY fun, and thanks to the warmer weather we have been having, it wasn't anywhere near as cold as it could have been thank heavens! This coming weekend is our cultural night - we are going to an Italian restaurant in Provo together! 

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