Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

The day after Thanksgiving, Jake wanted to take me & my sisters shooting. About a month ago, we had an "incident" where the dishwasher went off in the middle of the night and about gave Max & me a heart attack - we were both convinced someone had broken into the house. I've never seen Max so aggressive - he was barking & growling and really freaking me out. Jake was worried that I was home alone and wanted to have one of police friends in the neighborhood come check it out, but I assured Jake I was fine since I had the gun. Jake wasn't convinced that I knew how to use it, so going shooting the day after Thanksgiving was the perfect chance to "refresh" me on how to load it and make sure I knew how to use it! We headed south of Saratoga for some practice.

The target tree Jake made - all the empty Martinelli's bottles, a couple aerosol cans & an old can of paint
Jeannene shooting the 22. Neither of my sisters have shot a gun outside, and Jeannene wasn't sure she had ever shot a gun, so Jake went through some gun safety stuff first
Jeannene had really good aim! 
So did Popper - we broke all the bottles before Jake got a chance to shoot at one haha
Popper shooting the 40 - it was SUPER loud!
So Jake covered her ears. Such a good big brother in law :)
Jeannene shooting the 40 {she didn't want her ears covered. Jake looks scared haha}
Aiming for the paint can
We did a pretty good job - we hit the paint can at least 10 times between the 4 of us!
Jake shooting his 40
He has 2 San Francisco Giants hats and this one was too small, so he decided to use it for target practice. 3 through the brim and 1 through the black part that goes on someone's head
After we finished shooting, we went exploring in the Chevy. It was SUPER rocky and WAY fun, but it was insanely bumpy and Miss Kaycee was kicking me HARD the whole rest of the day. I think that means she liked it haha. My tummy was moving around SO much during the ride it looked like it was going to bounce right off haha. I had a few contractions that night, so we decided we probably shouldn't do something that aggressive again until after she's here. 

The next day, we went to the sand dunes with Jake's family. Jake's parents were camping there, so we had an aunt & uncle, 3 cousins plus Jake's older brother and us go down to ride in the dunes for the day. It was SOO much fun! Jake's parents just got a new 4 seater Razor and we had a blast riding it around. The weather was perfect for riding considering it was the last day of November! I totally spaced it on taking pictures though. Just know it was SUPER fun! It was an awesome Thanksgiving weekend!

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