Tuesday, December 31, 2013

39 weeks - still a watermelon

Dear Kaycee,

Well princess, here we are - 39 weeks together! 3 days until your due date. How on earth did it get here so fast?? 

How far along? 39 weeks 4 days 
Total weight gain? Yeah not gonna discuss THAT one lol 
Maternity clothes?  Yep, wearing the same 3 or 4 outfits over and over again haha. It'll be SO nice to be able to wear some of my other clothes once my tummy is a little smaller.
Sleep? This week hasn't been too bad actually! I had been doing a lot of nesting lately, but this last week I have been doing much more sleeping. There was one day, the day after Christmas, where I slept all night without tossing or turning or re arranging or getting up to go to the bathroom. That does not EVER happen - I am constantly tossing and turning and get up at least 5 times a night, so having a night of nothing was crazy!! I've been going to bed a lot later, like around 3 or 4 in the morning, and wake up around noon. Hopefully that makes it a TEENY bit easier to be up in the middle of the night with you, since I'm already kinda used to it. Probably not but hey we'll find out soon enough! 
Miss Anything? My pre pregnancy wardrobe lol. Because I had lost so much weight, I had an entire closet of brand new super cute clothes. Can't wait to get to wear them all again! 
Movement? Yes, thank heavens. After our scare on Sunday, you've been miss active and I REALLY appreciate it. It's helped make me feel more at ease. Last night you were moving A TON right when I was wanting to go to sleep. Silly girl! 
Cravings? Last night I wanted some dessert so bad it was almost painful haha. I wanted like cheesecake or a frosty from Wendy's or something. I settled for some chocolate we had at home, but it didn't hit the spot like a frosty would have! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not this week! It's been nice to not get sick at all! If I am in the car and it gets too hot, I start to feel a little funny but as soon as I crack the window I am ok. I'm going to freeze dad out one of these days - he's so cold all the time because I have the house and the car set at such low temperatures. He sure is being an awesome trooper! 
Gender?  Girl
Labor Signs? At my appointment on Thursday, dad came! My midwife checked me and I am dialated to a 1 and my cervix is softening. She didn't get me an effacement percentage, but she did say I was softened enough to have my membranes stripped quite yet. We had been planning to have them stripped at that appointment, but I changed my mind last minute since I don't want your birthday too close to the holidays. Good thing too or I would have been disappointed that they couldn't strip me yet!
Nope! I had some Braxton Hicks on Saturday night, but they weren't super strong. We were walking around the mall and they stopped whenever I stopped walking. Once we got home, they started up again but I decided to just try and sleep through them. If it was real labor, they would keep going and if it was false, they'd stop. I woke up a few hours later and they had stopped. Nothing since then! And for the most part, I have had very little swelling. My feet are still normal. My hands are very minor, and it's only later in the day. I feel like my face is swelling when I look at pictures, but that could just be the weight I've gained. Blood pressure has been TOTALLY normal - not even a blimp in the concern radar. 
Belly Button in or out? In, and it'll stay that way :)
Wedding rings on or off? Still off. I'm having a hard time with it still :(
Looking forward to: You. We got your car seat for Christmas and every time I look in your room and see it, it makes me sad. I want to carry it with me, and put it in the car, and then take it back out of the car when I reach my destination. I want you to be in it! And I am SO looking forward to seeing you in all your cute clothes! And seeing Max's reaction to you. And seeing my sisters hold you. But same as before, I am just dying to see dad hold you. I can't WAIT to see dad holding you. 

Stretch marks? Yes and no, only what I had before pregnancy but they are faint and hard to see, thankfully.

The day after Christmas, dad & I took it pretty easy which was SO nice. I started getting worried you might come sooner rather than later, and wanted to make sure that the Christmas decor was taken down before you came, so we took it down last weekend. I LOVE Christmas decor, and usually leave it up until January 2 or so - at least after New Years. But this year, it came down either the 26th or the 27th. It was really sad to take it down so fast, but it's been really nice to have the house "back to normal" as far as decor goes, and to have everything put away back in the basement. We also built the bookshelf in the guest bedroom, since I had taken it out to put in your room, and straightened up the mess in there. It's SO relaxing for me to have the house be so tidy again. Good timing too, since I haven't had much energy since then! 

Last Thursday, after my 39 week appointment, dad & I went to Orem Community hospital, where we are going to be delivering you at. We didn't know exactly where it was and wanted to make sure we knew how to get there! We figured out which door to go in, which parking lot to use, etc. and we even got to do a tour! It was exciting seeing the rooms! And it worked out AWESOME when we went back on Sunday when you stopped moving because we knew exactly where to go and what to do! 

Getting ready to tour the hospital!
I keep feeling kinda yucky after I eat, which is weird - normally eating helps me feel better! I think it might be from eating too much, so I have been trying to stop eating when I could still eat more and it seems to have helped me not feel gross. One of the times I had to really use some self control was when dad & I went to Cafe El Lago in Saratoga Springs with my grandpa {Poppa} over the weekend. He was here from California for Christmas, and it was SUPER fun to get to spend some time with just him and us.

Love my Poppa!
You're due in 3 days. You're due this week. But not until next year. THAT'S kinda trippy to think about! So if all goes according to karma, you'll be here in 10 days when I get induced on the 10th. I was 2 weeks late, so I've always thought my kids would come late too and have to be induced. I picked my ideal birthday for you though - January 7. 1/7/2014. If you add up the digits, it equals 15. Which is my favorite number. And I am compulsive about that number. That's how many letters are in your name. Kaycee McClellan. Yeah, I'm a nerd. But if you came on the 7th, your birthday would add up to 15! That would be SO awesome!! Or if you came January 13, that would also add up to 15 if you don't include the year. But you're going to come when you're good and ready so we'll see. But I think it'd be awesome if you came on the 7th! 

All along, my ENTIRE pregnancy, I have been hoping and hoping that you wouldn't come on New Years Eve. I'm not super into hosting parties, but I'm going to get over that for your birthdays. I want to make sure you have fun birthday parties each year, but I don't want to have to host a New Years Eve party. I just want to have a normal My Little Pony or Rainbow Brite or Cowgirl birthday party. I have been SOOO adamant I don't want you to come today, and it's looking like you won't be here today! Right now, it's close to 1 PM. If contractions and labor started right now, you probably wouldn't be here until tomorrow. That's SUCH a relief. Thank you SOOOO much for not coming today princess. I want you to have your OWN day, that's special just for you! And the farther we get from Christmas, the better it'll be. That's another reason I am ok with being induced - your birthday would be January 10th. That's a good distance from the holidays. 

Can't believe you're due in 3 days. That just blows my mind. I've been saying all week that you are due on Friday. It's so weird to think it's THIS week. Everyone at dad's work keeps asking about how you're doing. Dad gets to take some time off of work when you get here, which I am SOO grateful for! They have been SOO understanding about realizing that we can't schedule your arrival and we don't know when you'll be here. Right now, we are planning on having dad take a week off, but if I end up having a C section he is going to take a little more time. And if I go in the middle of the week, he'll probably take the rest of that week off and then the entire next week. Good thing dad gets LOTS of PTO - it'll be so nice having him around for your first few days with us! 

Can't wait to see you little one. So many people are so excited to see you. I get COUNTLESS texts, calls & FB messages each day asking how you and I are doing. So many people can't wait for you to be here! I know your grandma's are both DYING to meet you, as are you aunt's. Aunt Brynne can't wait to see Uncle Blake hold a baby. I have a feeling they're going to ask to babysit you A LOT. I just can't wait to finally see you. After all, you have a very handsome dad, and I was a pretty cute baby {or so Grammy tells me}, so I can't wait to see what you look like with a little bit of each of us. 

Keep being safe in there princess - I can't wait to meet you. 


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