Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kaycee's Nursery {nearly done!}

During my 3rd baby shower, Jake & his dad worked on Kaycee's closet. I saw this picture a few months ago on Pinterest and fell in love with how it looks:

Before, her closet looked like this: 

So converting from what it looked like before to that Pinterest picture was going to take some work! We went to Lowe's the night before and bought the wood to make a shelf across the bottom, a rack for hanging clothes, the support bar, and 2 sets of 3 shelves to install. As soon as I left for my shower, Jake and his dad got to work.

After the bottom shelf was installed & the sets of shelves were installed
Jake's dad got the idea to cut an extra piece of wood and make little shelves for her shoes - I LOVE how it turned out!!! 
I also found this adorable picture on Pinterest a few months ago of a ribbon holder along with instructions how to make it.

Problem is, it sounded kinda expensive to make. All the supplies would cost quite a bit. And then, I saw this at Hobby Lobby. 

Only problem with this one is that the skirt was SUPER flat, and the skirt was what I loved the most on the one I found on Pinterest. I waited until this went on sale at Hobby Lobby {took like 3 months} and then bought some teal tulle to "fix" the bottom and make the skirt fuller and this is how it turned out!

And last but not least, I finally bought the letters to spell out her name! A few days ago, I went to my friend Keeshia's house and we did some crafts together. I worked on the ribbon holder and her name, and Keeshia worked on flowers for her little girls hair. She is due 3 weeks after me - can't wait for our little girls to be best friends!

Her "before" letters
Supplies I bought
Her finished name!
I LOVE how they turned out!!! In case you hadn't noticed yet, I decided to add some teal/mint green to her room to accent the pink. I love how everything looks in there so far!

The only downside, if there is a downside, to her closet project was that her nice organized closet became a huge mess in her room. Add to that all the gifts I brought home from my 3rd shower and her room looked like Babies R Us had thrown up in there! I left it alone for a few days, but come Monday I was SO stressed everytime I walked past her room and decided to finally clean it up. Here's a few pictures of how things look right now - almost done! 

The blanket I made with Jamie Peterson's help, with her lamp finally set up & her cute sign from Jake's mom
Her basket of blankets in between her crib & the rocking chair
Her dresser before we got her shelf hung - and don't you love her little "money tree"? My Aunt made that for Jake, since every daddy needs a money tree if he has a little girl
After we got her shelf up {and my new diaper bag came today, down at the bottom!!}
Her ribbon holder & her bookshelf with all her little stuffed animals
Just need to clean the last few clothes out of her crib {ran out of hangers} and put her crib skirt up - Jamie Peterson also made that for me, and then her crib will be done! 
Just finishing the last few decor things now - in the process of painting her picture frames to put on her shelf, Jamie is making her window valance right now, and just a few things to organize in her closet and then her room will be all ready! Hoping to have her "final" room pictures ready to show next week!!

The closer we get to her coming, the more nervous I keep getting. Until I go in her room. And then, it's all ok. And I can't wait to have her come. Her room makes me so excited. I love being in there, and right now I go in there at least 5 times a day. We've started leaving the door open to her room, since the floor is all picked up, so that Max can get used to going in there too. I can't wait until there's a little someone to take in that room with me!

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  1. It all turned out so cute Ashley! The only thing that will make is cuter is having little miss Kaycee herself in it. :) Nice work!! I love her closet and need to do that for ours.