Sunday, December 29, 2013

McClellan/Robbins Baby Shower & Gingerbread Houses

On December 14th, we had my final baby shower! This one was hosted by Jake's mom and my amazing sister-in-law's Keisha & Macy. Everything was super cute & pink! 

Cupcakes mom made and Keisha frosted. Keisha's work did the flowers - they turned out great! Gerber daisies are my FAVORITE! 
Close up of the flowers
Chicken salad croissants with a veggie tray. We also had hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries & pineapple, done by Keisha, and some amazing cookies {pumpkin chocolate chip & thumb print cookies} made by Macy
The shower was amazing - miss Kaycee got quite a few new outfits, several new blankets including some receiving blankets {she had very few of those!}, a cute bling-y pacifier {her first pacifier she received!}, more diapers, another diaper bag, a few headbands & a $50 Babies R Us gift card! We made quite the haul! And several of the gifts we got were items that I was prepping to go buy, since there were a few items we didn't have yet, or have enough of. And seriously, some of the outfits she got are ADORABLE! She got very spoiled by her McClellan/Robbins family, that's for sure! 

After we were finished with the shower, we started a new family tradition! Everyone came over {all the girls were already there, we just needed the boys} and we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and candy! 

Everyone building their houses. We did them all in "teams" - Keisha & Dustin, Grandma Wendy & Hunter, me & Jake and Macy & Clint 
Poor Grandpa was very sick. He still sat on the couch and spent time with us, but as soon as we were done he went to bed. Nearly everyone in the family ended up catching the yucky cough/cold/flu he had, so we all realized just how miserable he must have been sitting with us while we built the houses.
Our gingerbread house! 
Grandma Wendy & Hunter's house
Dustin & Keisha's house 
Clint & Macy's house
After we were done with houses and had cleaned up the huge candy mess, we had Papa Murphy's pizza and talked until it was time to go home. It was a SUPER fun night - can't wait to build gingerbread houses again next year!

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