Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store

I started prepping for Christmas pretty early this year - I had probably half of Christmas bought by the end of September. I was done shopping, with a few small exceptions, by Thanksgiving, and everything has been wrapped since the beginning of December. It's been a VERY different Christmas season for me as a result - there's been no stress at all when it comes to gifts. And in other ways, it's been really different too. I have had a really hard time making a list of things I "want".

And because that is CRAZY unheard of for me, I had been thinking I wanted to blog about it. But how do you make a post about that? An interesting one at least? But seriously, all I could think was that this was a very different Christmas for us. For example, last year, in October I got a new wedding ring, simply because I wanted one, not because mine was lost or anything, but because I wanted one. In November, Jake got a new laptop. Didn't need one - we just wanted him to have a new one. And we bought a new sectional for the living room. Because we wanted one. And then we still spent the same amount of money at Christmas. In fact, I think we went a little over budget. We spent a TON of money last year. And as a result, it feels weird to not have gone so nuts this year. It's a good weird, but still - it's weird.

And then, I saw this picture on Facebook and it totally summed up what I've been thinking.

Last year, at the end of the year, I made a summary of all the things I had done in 2012 on Facebook and set two goals for 2013.

Just two goals - to be sealed to my husband, and to get pregnant.

And I have both of those things.

My marriage is better than ever. And I got to go to the temple with my husband this year. I was able to see him receive his temple endowment, and we were able to be sealed to each other. I have had the chance to have him give me multiple priesthood blessings. And those are things that I would never have imagined possible 2 years ago. Last year I sure wanted those things to happen, but I wasn't sure if they'd be accomplished so fast. And I can say them now! Talk about a great present!

And not only did we get pregnant, but we stayed pregnant. It's been a great pregnancy, and we are SO close to having a baby, and not just being pregnant anymore. That's an AMAZING gift!

Add to that that I am now a stay home wife, and soon to be a stay home mom. I was able to quit my job. That's something that I have ALWAYS wanted and is an awesome gift. Let alone to be able to stay home with our first child. I am so grateful for Jake's support in me staying home and his ability to provide for us.

And on top of THAT, Jake & I just finished funding our 6 month Emergency Fund. The one we have been working on for 3.5 years. We have enough money in savings that if Jake lost his job, and wasn't able to find work ANYWHERE, not even at McDonald's, we could make it for 6 months. Paying all our bills, staying debt free, not getting behind on our mortgage - be totally fine. And if Jake was able to get a job, even if it was super part time or whatever, it would help keep us afloat even longer until he finds another job. That financial peace of mind is HUGE for me. It helps me feel more at ease about staying home and not working. And I've wanted this for so long - I am so grateful we finally have our fully funded account, and that it happened right at Christmas time is even better!

So yeah, I have thought of a few presents that I want, and there's a surprise under the tree that I don't know exactly what it is, but other than that it's a fairly simple Christmas for me. I got some things for Jake that I am excited for, but nothing like years past. Because we stayed in budget. I want to give him the moon and buy him a new motorcycle or something super awesome, but that's totally not in the budget. And as hard as that is for me, because I LOVE giving gifts, it also feels good to know that we can afford to give the gifts we have given.

So even though this is going to be a "small" Christmas in comparison to other Christmas's when it comes to physical gifts, I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite Christmas yet. 

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