Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve this year was super relaxing, which was AMAZING! Jake worked the night before, so he came home from work and we slept for a few hours. After we woke up, we borrowed a copy of the movie "Elf" from a neighbor in our ward and watched it together on the couch since I had never seen it. It was awesome to watch a fun Christmas movie together! After the movie, I tucked Jake in and let him get some more sleep while I got ready and then we went over to his parent's house for dinner. We had an an amazing turkey & ham dinner, complete with mashed potatoes & gravy, pistachio salad, rolls & dessert! 

After we were finished eating, it was time to open presents! 

Keisha, Dustin, Hunter & Keisha's mom Robin 
Keisha & Dustin 
Clint & Macy's pile of presents. They ran to the store to grab a few last minute things before the store closed, so they weren't there when I took the picture.  
Dad & Grandma Kay. They were also sitting on the gift from Dustin & Keisha - a gorgeous bench with "McClellan" carved into it! 
Mom McClellan!
Our loot!  
Me & the sexiest guy I know
Time to open presents!  
Grandma opening the gift we got her. We got her a Willow Tree figurine called "Quilt" that is of a grandma rocking a grandchild. She loves Willow Tree's and has quite a collection. 
We got Jake's dad a tool for the Razor that turns into a shovel & a little hatchet. It was exactly what he wanted, which made gift buying much easier!  
Jake's mom opening her present...
We got her a book of all of the emails Clint wrote home during his mission. He wrote a note to mom & dad in the front of it too :) 
I forgot to take pictures of Hunter opening his gift - we got him an Ironman Lego set. We got Clint & Macy a Cafe Rio gift card, and got Dustin & Keisha an Outback gift card. We got presents for the girls too, but we are going to give them their gifts as soon as we see them this weekend. We got Sonic Care toothbrushes, a breakfast in bed tray, SUPER nice sheets {seriously, they are AMAZING sheets!}, 2 super cute outfits for Kaycee {one of which is her come home from the hospital outfit!}, an Olive Garden gift card from Clint & Macy and an AMAZING picture of Manti temple that says "Where our family became forever" from Keisha, Dustin & the kids that is hanging in our room. I LOVE IT!

After presents we had dessert and stayed and talked for a while. Our friends Kjell & Paige came over with their little girl Majken to visit for a while and gave me the gift from Kaycee's shower, since Paige wasn't able to make it. They got her 2 super cute outfits that I love! After they left, we loaded up all the amazing gifts we got into the car and headed home. On our way, we found a "dancing house" in Lehi and watched the house for a little bit, then went home. We barely had time to bring everything inside before Jake was ready to go to sleep. But before we could go to bed, we needed to make the plate of cookies for Santa!

Can't forget the carrots for the reindeer!
Then we snuggled into bed and I read "The night before Christmas" out loud. Didn't get more than 5 pages in before I started hearing some snoring from the cute person next to me in the bed...

He was so tired - he'd gone all day on less than 2 hours of sleep. He was such a trooper though! I finished reading the story, and then read the nativity story from Luke chapter 2 and then I went to bed too. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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