Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas morning is my favorite morning of the entire year. I think almost the entire world can say that, but still. I LOVE Christmas morning. Jake & I woke up at a nice normal hour of 9 AM and got ready to open presents. 

Sleeping pills make it hard to open your eyes when you wake up!
Our tree - the only picture I got of it this year. 
Jake's stack of presents
My stack of presents 
The gift Miss Kaycee got
Our beautiful mantle, complete with Jake's new stocking & the stocking I bought for Kaycee! Jake turned the Netflix fire on for us, since our fireplace doesn't work because it isn't vented. The only person Santa brought a stocking for this year was Max. Apparently he was a very good boy this year!  
All ready to open his stocking!  
Sure love this guy 
Helping him open everything in his stocking 
A few new toys, some treats and holiday dog cookies 
He immediately went to town on his Santa cookie 
Miss Kaycee got "Financial Peace Jr." - the game system created by Dave Ramsey to help teach your kids about money. It's for ages 3+. So we've got a while before she'll need it lol. 
Les Miserables on DVD! 
Dave Ramsey's "The Total Money Makeover" - I have read this book MULTIPLE times but never owned it. Now I have my own copy!  
And new flat irons! 
A full size one, and a travel size! 
Jake got new cologne
Max eating his cookie while playing with his new toys 
A new remote controlled helicopter 
Jake LOVES it - I had no idea he was going to like it so much. He plays with it multiple times a day! 
He's been very anxious to open this present, because it's so big 

A fire pit for the back yard!
Confused about what the last gift is...
Realizing what it is - a new laser/flashlight combo for his .40! 
He was so excited he immediately had to go get his gun and put it on!
My 2 boys playing with their Christmas toys
Our Christmas breakfast! Peppered bacon, Kneaders French Toast with caramel syrup, whipped cream & strawberries & orange juice
After we were done opening presents, we played with our toys on the couch for a few hours while watching "A Christmas Story" on TBS.

Laying down, feeling princess move around and watching Jake playing with his helicopter
Our new fire pit!
Max modeling the fire pit
We also went in the backyard and built a fire. Afterwards, we got ready and drove to my parents house to spend some time with them for Christmas! Shortly after we got there, we opened presents. Nobody in my family can contain their excitement on Christmas Day - it's too hard to wait for presents leading up to Christmas. Once it's Christmas Day, it's time to open them already!

Jake leaning on our AWESOME gift for Kaycee from my mom - Kaycee's stroller & car seat combo!
Buzz's present from Max - a stuffed turtle. Buzz got Max a little Winnie the Pooh toy and 2 bags of treats!
My mom opening one of her gifts from us
Little Mermaid on DVD! 
We got Poppa a new hat that says "This is what the world's greatest Great Grandpa looks like!"
Modeling his new hat 
We got Rick a University of Utah t shirt 
And a big supply of Reese's!
Kaycee got ANOTHER present from my mom... 
Little Mermaid on Blu Ray! I love that my mom and I got each other the same gift! This was one of my VERY favorite Disney movies when I was little!  
We also got my mom "The Cougar Cookbook" - it's a collection of recipes from the BYU players & coaches wives 
Jake opening Kaycee's new travel system! 

We had SO much fun playing with the different features and figuring out how it works. Then we went to the car and got the base all snapped in, so now her car seat is already and in the car! 
Shortly after, Jake decided he needed another soda, and decided to take Jeannene & Popper with him to the gas station. And let them drive the Mazda. That NEVER happens - he has never let either of them even start the car, let alone drive it. They both kept saying it was a Christmas miracle :)

After we were finished with presents, we all talked for a while {while Jake & I continued playing with the car seat & stroller} and then we had Christmas dinner. We had ham, funeral potatoes, green bean casserole & meatballs in the most amazing BBQ sauce ever. It was DELICIOUS! After dinner, we all talked and then had dessert. Jake & I brought strawberry cheesecake & a white chocolate mousse cake. It was REALLY yummy!

After being at my parents house for a few hours, we decided to run Max home and head over to my uncle's to see them for a little bit. We were over at Bryan & Shauna's house for HOURS just talking and laughing with them. My dad was over there too, so we got the chance to see him on Christmas Day too! It was REALLY fun to get to see that side of my family on Christmas! After we were done, we drove my dad home and then went home. We were both super tired after a long, fun Christmas Day!

And just think - next year, we are going to have someone who is nearly 1 crawling/walking around the Christmas mess with us. Jake and I both kept saying that to each other over and over again on Christmas - SO crazy to think!!

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