Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with the Wise's

This year was Brynne & Blake's year to spend Christmas in Las Vegas. The day before they left {December 20th} we had a Christmas party with them at my mom's house. We had tostada's for dinner, which were delightful! 

After we were finished with dinner, we did presents. Because of the new tradition we started this year where we do 3 family activities {a fun activity, a service project & a cultural night}, my mom didn't buy gifts for the kids {except Jeannene & Lauryl because they still live at home}. However, my mom had a gift still from our anniversary/sealing, and then had LOTS of presents for Kaycee, so we started by opening those! 

We got a gorgeous picture of Manti temple from my mom! It has sheep in the front of the temple grazing. In case you didn't know, I LOVE the whole concept of the lost lamb and anything to do with the Savior and sheep. 
A better shot of the picture we got all hung up in our hallway - I LOVE IT!! 
Brynne MADE Kaycee this gorgeous quilt! I am so excited to get to wrap her in it! 
My mom got Kaycee 2 sets of sheets {one of the things we didn't have yet}, 6 different receiving blankets and mattress protectors {another thing we didn't have yet} 
My mom also got some fun toys - there's a few binkies, a book, rattles & some links that help teach coordination, color contrast, etc. 
And Little Rascals on DVD! That was one of my favorite movies when I was little. I'm excited we are building our "little kid" movie collection! 
After we were finished opening Kaycee's presents, we did our white elephant gift exchange with siblings! Brynne had Popper - she opened first!

She got a really cute cardigan... 
A really cute infinity scarf... 
And an ugly sweater. She loves ugly sweaters right now! 
Popper had Jake & got him an iTunes gift card, his favorite. Seriously, he LOVES iTunes gift cards! 
Jake had Blake and got him some candy and Despicable Me on DVD
Blake had me and got me the Willow Tree figurine I've been DYING for called "Our Gift" of a family with a new born baby
I had Jeannene and got her earrings and an infinity scarf 
And a new purse!
Jeannene had Brynne and got her letters and an "&" sign that say "B&B" to display in their house!
And then because she just had to, my mom gave Brynne & I each a book, even though she wasn't going to do gifts for us. 

I got "The Art of Homemaking" - read it in 2 days. AMAZING book! 
And Brynne got a book with a collection of story books in it for children! She's really building her children's book collection, since she's so close to finishing her degree! 
Then we did presents for my mom! Brynne & Blake got her Cinderella on DVD and then we all got her a group gift:

A waterproof BYU jacket for all the rainy games! We had multiple rainy games this year, so she had really wanted something water proof!
After we were finished with presents, we had dessert of brownies & ice cream with homemade strawberry jam that Jake & I brought. Blake had finished his last final that day and was officially a college graduate, so we had to make sure to bring a dessert he would want to eat! Then we took a pic of the 6 of us :)

Sure love my family! It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas with Brynne & Blake before they left for Vegas!

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