Monday, December 2, 2013

The best day of my life

Sorry I've been MIA lately - I ALWAYS updated my blog during slow time at work, and now that I'm not at work, I keep forgetting to make time to do it at home! Trust me, I have plenty of time to do it, I just keep forgetting that I should blog! So prepare for blog post overload! 

A few weeks ago, I got our pictures back from our sealing from our fabulous photographer Jaelyn Lovell. Seriously, if anyone is in need of a photographer in the Utah County/Cedar City area, she's your girl!! She will also be doing Miss Kaycee's newborn photo's too :) 

Without further ado, here are the pictures from our sealing!! 

Walking out of the temple

It was SUPER windy!

Most of the people who came to support us, since a few people snuck out before pictures

Our families, including uncles & aunts

Our families, just parents, grandparents & siblings

Our parents & grandparents
Our grandparents - my grandpa "Poppa" and Jake's grandma

Our parents
Jake's parents
Jake's siblings & parents
Everyone who came to support Jake
Jake's siblings
Jake & his brothers 
I LOVE this picture - we took one just like it at our wedding
Jake's mom
Jake & his dad
We have a picture just like this from our wedding too
Everyone who came to support me
My parents & siblings
My parents
My parents
My sisters with our boys
My sisters
My sisters with my dad
And with my mom
All together
My parents
My mom
My dad
We have a picture like this from our wedding too 
All the friends who came to support us
Jake & his buddies from high school, Kjell & Kyle. I'm so grateful he had such good friends in high school that were both worthy to be in the sealing room with us!
One of my YW leaders from when I was a Laurel, Charlotte Ducos. She made my bouquet too! My other YW leader I loved, Leslie Jones, was also there but left before we had a chance to get a picture together. 

Since we were just over 20 weeks pregnant with miss Kaycee, we had to get a "maternity" shot too. We were both trying so hard not to laugh

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