Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas with my dad

December 18th, we had Christmas with my dad! Everyone came over to our house and we had dinner and then gifts.

Brynne & Blake brought a salad
I made spaghetti & crock pot lasagna
And garlic bread. Jeannene & Popper brought a cheesecake sampler, I just forgot to get pictures of it! 
After we were finished eating, we opened presents! My dad gave his presents first! He had quite a few movies, books & some toys that we all chose from. We got some new sets of Play-doh for Kaycee! Granted, it'll be a while before she can use it, but we've got it when she's ready! Then we gave him our presents. We all went in on gifts together this year.

We got him all 3 sets of John Bytheway talks on CD. He had asked me for it back in September, and I wrote it down and made it happen! 
It was a bit stressful finding a day that worked for everyone to make Christmas happen, but we found a day and made it work before Christmas! It was awesome getting to spend some time with just our dad for Christmas. 

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