Thursday, December 12, 2013

My family baby shower

Last weekend I had my 3rd baby shower. It was at my mom's house, and was hosted by her, my 3 sisters Brynne, Jeannene & Lauryl and by one of my best friends and former roommates Suzie McCorristin. Be prepared for picture overload! 

The food spread - we had orange rolls from Kneaders, lil smokies, angel food cake with strawberries & whipped cream, yummy punch & chicken in a biscuits {it's a chicken cream cheese mixture wrapped in crescent rolls - one of my favorite foods EVER!}
Lauryl was the photographer and took some AWESOME pictures! Makes me drool just looking at these lol
Suzie was in charge of decor - she did SUCH a good job! There were 5 or 6 of these bouquets of balloons throughout the room, and she did them ALL, with the help of her husband. They just recently started a balloon business! 
Brynne was over the game we played. It was a matching game, and each word had a candy associated with it. For example, hospital bill was 100 grand. Super cute!!
My cousin Eliza & her daughter Ruby playing the game
 Cousins Eliza & Amy & Keeshia Fletcher {with Ruby & Robby walking around}
Jeannene, Stacey Hazard & Eliza
Amy, Keeshia, cousin Kajsa, Aunt Myrleen & Suzie
Suzie, me, my mom, Jeannene & Stacey {& Robby}
The board of all the matches!
After the game, it was time for presents! To say I got a lot of presents would be a MASSIVE understatement, so there won't be a picture of everything I got, just a few highlights. 


My favorite cereal of all time - my sister Jeannene buys it for me nearly every time she sees it in a store 
One of my first toys was a Winnie the Pooh, so my mom got Kaycee one too, along with a cute book!  
Suzie got me a GORGEOUS gold plated book of Disney princess stories
The snow suit my mom got Kaycee - I love the little ears on the hood
I loved this bow, so I chose to put it on my head for a minute lol
The "after" her blessing dress my Aunt Myrleen made for Kaycee. It's GORGEOUS! 
Adorable little white fuzzy boots for Kaycee from my Aunt Myrleen
I love this picture - I didn't even want to touch the present it was so gorgeous... 
Seriously?! My Aunt MADE THIS!! It is stunning - I am SOOOOOOO excited to see Kaycee in it at her blessing!
Part of the loot I got. Seriously, I got SOOO many gifts! 
My gorgeous sister Brynne
One of my Young Women leaders, Suzie Bassett & my mom
Love Brynne :)
Lauryl {aKa Popper} playing with the balloon bottle Suzie made! 
They were having a little too much fun 
See what I mean? Lol
It was absolutely DUMPING snow outside - it looked gorgeous but affected a few people's ability to make it to my shower. 

Me with my sisters & my mom. I seriously don't know where I'd be without these 4 girls!!! 
Miss Kaycee got so many clothes, including a onesie that looks just like a little football, a bumbo, headbands {including not 1 but 2 different BYU headbands}, several pairs of shoes, stuffed animals, blankets, and BOOKS! Brynne included on the cards that instead of bringing a card, write your message in the front of a book for Kaycee to read as she grows. We got SOOOOO many books! Cardboard books, big books, little books - lots and lots of books! Her collection REALLY grew after this shower!

It was an awesome shower, I am so lucky to have the amazing friends & family that I have!

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