Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 Days

We are getting sealed in 10 days.


That means tomorrow, we are down to single digits.

And I don't know if there are words to describe how insanely happy and excited I am.

Like seriously - I didn't know it was possible to feel happiness like this. This must be joy.

This morning while I was eating breakfast I started thinking about our sealing day and how great it's going to be. And how different from our wedding day it's going to be.

On our wedding day, I was an absolute bridezilla. And oh you may snicker or think I am being dramatic. I am NOT being dramatic. I don't know why Jake still married me. I don't know why I still had bridesmaids standing next to me. Well yes I do. It's because my sisters love me. It's because my husband is a far better person than I could have imagined. But oh seriously, I deserve to burn in hell or something for being that way on my wedding day. Everything had to be P-E-R-F-E-C-T. NOTHING could be out of place. Everyone needed to look X way and smile Y way and do Z thing and NO ONE could say other wise. I wanted THIS picture at this time in this place and it needed to turn out THIS way and blah blah blah. Control freak to say the least. And I was SOOOOO stressed leading up the wedding, and for most of the wedding day, I was still pretty stressed. I had to be on top of EVERYTHING - where is so and so, why is so and so standing over there, go make so and so fix this, blah blah. I couldn't just smile and breathe in the day.

And this time around, it won't be that way.

I apologize now for how emotional I am going to be.

I apologize now that I am not going to let go of Jake's hand for ANYTHING.

I apologize that I am not going to stop smiling like an idiot for a few days.

Because THIS is going to be the best day of my entire life.

I will FINALLY know that my Jake is truly mine forever.

That our princess will be with us forever - from next week on. No matter what happens throughout the rest of my pregnancy, we will have that peace of mind of knowing that she is sealed and connected to us forever.

I will FINALLY get to know that my family is forever.

Only 10 more days.

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