Monday, August 12, 2013

19 weeks - still a mango

I hit my 19 week mark on Friday but spaced blogging - whoops!

This week, I am still a mango. At first, I thought maybe my phone didn't update but then I realized that the weight changed from last week. So I think I am now going to be "fruits" based off of their weight, not their length. Little miss is 10 oz this week!

I still haven't felt her move, and to be totally honest it has me freaking out a little bit. I know I am only 19 weeks, and that it's common to not feel it for a few more weeks, but I have a lot of pregger friends that started feeling them at this time or before, and it's making me kinda nervous! I hope she is ok in there! Maybe she is just really calm? Or maybe I just don't realize it when I feel her move. Really hoping she is ok though. I have my ultrasound with my doctor's office next Monday, so hopefully I have felt her move before then or I'll be stressed all week long!

My hips feel better this week since I started sleeping with more pillows, I just have no room in the bed for Jake haha. This weekend we actually made it work pretty well though - I just had to make my pillows a little closer together and he didn't have as much room as normal. He is being such a good sport though - I really do have the best husband in the universe. I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted on Friday and I was WAY out of alignment, but he said thanks to my relaxin hormone I adjusted REALLY well, but that means I could slide out just as easily because everything is so lose. Awesome. So just trying to be careful about how I lay and praying it doesn't get much worse. Like I've been saying though, she will be worth it.

I am happy that I haven't had too much swelling - wedding ring still fits great. SO happy about that! And I was able to find some really cute maternity pants this weekend at Motherhood Maternity - a pair of work pants and a pair of jeans, so now I feel like a regular person again! Well, almost. It's SOOO nice being able to wear pants to work. Oh I didn't realize how much I missed it haha.

Last week, Jake & I spent a lot of time watching TV together because it was shark week on Discovery Channel. Yes, we totally watched Shark Week. It was really fun too - I enjoyed having something to watch together, since we have different taste in TV shows most of the time {I like crime shows, he likes anything on the Discovery Channel}.

AWESOME picture someone posted on Instagram - made my day
Overall, I feel like I am really negative this pregnancy. Weekends are hard for me - I throw up at least once, and it's almost always while we are out and about so I throw up in a parking lot. It's really embarrassing throwing up in front of Jake - I am getting WAY sick of it. I wasn't expecting that I would get nausea since I eat so much protein, and I had no idea about the hip pain. I am SOOOOOOO grateful to be pregnant, and I am so grateful that so far {crossing fingers} Miss Kaycee has been so healthy. And I have lots to be grateful for. I shouldn't be as whiny as I am, or always focusing on how I have thrown up recently. I feel great most of the time - that's what I need to focus on. That, and the gorgeous little girl we are going to get to meet in less than 5 months!

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