Tuesday, August 20, 2013

4 Year Anniversary Weekend

After we left Manti, we headed towards Salt Lake. To read about how AMAZING Manti was, click here.

Newly sealed, on our way to our 2nd honeymoon
We made it all the way to Orem before it was time to throw up again. We got off the freeway in American Fork to avoid the construction on the freeway in Lehi and right before we got back on the freeway in Lehi, I threw up again. By this time {5 times, if you're counting} I had a SEVERE headache and was feeling dehydrated, but I couldn't get anything to stay in my stomach. We said a prayer that I would get feeling better and then continued towards Salt Lake. By the time we got off the freeway in Salt Lake, I needed to throw up again. I felt SO bad that we had to keep pulling over, and Jake felt so bad that I was so sick. We said another prayer and then made it to the parking lot of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Salt Lake. Due to how many times we had to pull over, we were running a little late, but it didn't look TOO busy so we weren't too worried. I realized I had spilled on my jeans, so I changed back into my dress I wore at the temple and we went in for our yummy dinner.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. We've been hearing how good this place is for a LONG time, what better occasion to go there for then this AWESOME day?!
About to go in to our yummy dinner!
The service was AMAZING. The staff was INSANELY polite. Jake & I both felt way out of place since it was so fancy. They asked if there was a special occasion when we got there and we mentioned it was our anniversary. They all said congrats and then took us to our table. After we were seated I went to the bathroom real fast and came back to a card and rose petals on our table for our anniversary. How awesome!!

I ordered Lobster Bisque {3rd bowl of soup for the day} as an appetizer and Jake ordered a lettuce wedge with Bleu Cheese on it. Except he didn't know it was a lettuce wedge. And it had bleu cheese crumbles, not bleu cheese dressing. He isn't a fan of crumbles. It was hilarious hearing his reaction to having to cut his salad {since wedges are so tall} and about the crumbles. It was WAY fancy haha. Jake ordered a T bone steak for his main course and I ordered a Caesar salad, and then we shared a loaded baked potato since they are a pound each. That's a BIG potato! I learned that a traditional Caesar salad comes with anchovies on it, but the waiter asked me first if I wanted them and I made sure there was NOT anchovies on my salad. I'd already thrown up 6 times thank ya VERY much, let's not make this worse! The food came out SUPER fast - we were both really surprised. Jake's steak was cooked at 1080 or 1800 degrees - seriously a HOT oven. The plate they bring it out on is 500 degrees, so they mentioned a few times not to touch the plate. Jake said it was one of the best steaks he has ever had. And it was DEFINITELY the biggest he's ever had. I even tried a bite {it looked REALLY good for some reason and I HATE steak} and it really was good. My salad was really good too, as was the potato. Just overall awesome food!

The waiter came and said that because it was our anniversary, we should order a dessert. I figured it was a sales push thing to have us add more to our check but hey you only have one big day like this so we got a cheesecake to go. Little did we know that the cheesecake was free because it was our anniversary - glad we ordered it! It was the size of a small cake - SO huge! We didn't have any silverware in our hotel and we forgot to see if Ruth's Chris had plastic silverware, so we waited to eat it until we got home from the trip Sunday morning. It was DELICIOUS!! And HUGE!

Our amazing cheesecake we shared. To die for. I can't wait to go back just so I can order this cheesecake!
After we were finished paying our triple digit bill at Ruth's Chris {most expensive dinner I've ever been to, that's for sure!} we headed over to the Grand America Hotel. I went and checked us in and mentioned it was our anniversary. The concierge all said congrats and they gave me the keys to our room. We parked the car and made our way to our hotel room - #1579 on the 15th floor. My favorite number. Holla!!

We had a door bell!
Our room was GIGANTIC!
Other side of the room - there's a desk where the pink chair is. It was BEAUTIFULLY decorated!
First part of the bathroom...
Second part of the bathroom! Seriously - two sinks! It was AMAZING! And the marble?!
And a separate tub & shower?! BEAUTIFUL hotel room!
I was in the bathroom attempting to scrub off my everlasting mascara when Jake said I should hurry and come here. I came out and he was outside! Our room had a BALCONY!! We went outside and looked at the view for a while and just enjoyed the cool breeze. It was absolutely beautiful.

Sorry it's dark!
I got the Welch's Sparkling Cider out of our bag and put it on ice so we could have it in the morning. After being in our car all day, the cider was hot and the chocolates were melted, but by morning it was nice and chilled & the chocolates were re shaped and not melty anymore.

Before we went to bed we talked about parts of the sealing that stuck out to us and made sure to write them down and then went to bed in our huge king size bed. The pillows were super plush and downy - like a cloud. And sleeping in a king size bed was wonderful!

We woke up the next morning and had our Sparkling Cider with a toast {to putting up with each other for eternity}. Jake got the chance to enjoy the big tub while I continued to scrub my mascara off.

I am so glad I thought to pack the glasses - made it seem SO much more fancy haha
After we were all packed up, we went down to check out. The hotel gave us a bottle of sparkling pink lemonade & a gift certificate for a free upgrade next year if we come back for our anniversary! This sparkling juice is $25 {I looked into getting it when I booked the room, hence why I brought some with us} and we ended up getting it for free because we mentioned it was our anniversary! AWESOME!

Jake really likes the bottle - it's a really cool looking bottle! And it tastes pretty good too!
We loaded our stuff into the car and drove to Cracker Barrel in West Valley for breakfast. We had been planning on going to the Garden Café at the Grand America for breakfast until we found out it was $45 a person... Yeah no thanks! We both got French toast with eggs & bacon - super yummy!

When we got home, we started a load of laundry, unpacked and then laid down to take a nap. When we woke up, I wasn't feeling good {surprise surprise} so Jake changed the laundry for me all on his own, without being asked. Babe, you are AWESOME! Seriously, I lucked out with this guy! We ate our yummy cheesecake and relaxed on the couch, trying to get my nausea to pass. Jeannene {my sister} called and offered to bring Max back to us, so that we wouldn't have to go over there. UH YES PLEASE! The last place I wanted to be was in a car while I was already feeling sick! It took her a little while over to our house because Max locked himself in the car, but she was able to get him to unlock it {smart puppy!!} and then brought him to us. It was SOO nice knowing I didn't need to leave my house for the whole rest of the night. It was wonderful!

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing at home and enjoying time together. I only threw up once {right before we got to Cracker Barrel} and was able to keep everything else down, thank heavens. I ate ramen noodles & ice cream, since those both sounded like they wouldn't be awful to throw up. Talk about pregnancy food haha. ZERO nutritional value though! When it was time for Jake to leave, he kissed me goodbye and then left. It was hard having him leave after spending every single second together all weekend but it's ok - he came home after work haha. As soon as he left, Max curled up in Jake's spot on the bed. He got VERY tuckered out at my parents house - he definitely plays a lot with Buzz while he is there.

This was definitely the best weekend of my entire life. I don't think any anniversary will ever come close. I don't know if ANY weekend, ever, will come close to how amazing this one was. Having our kids will be an amazing experience, but this weekend is engrained in my mind for all time. I wouldn't change anything, not even the fact that I threw up 10 times total between Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Jake, I love you so much. Thanks for the best weekend ever.

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