Friday, August 16, 2013

20 Weeks - A Banana

This week I am officially 20 weeks! Halfway done! Yay!! This week, Miss Kaycee is a banana. Don't know if that's length or weight or both - but she's a banana!

I feel a lot better this week than I was before. I've had cramping but it's been minor the last few days which is a WELCOME relief! I also haven't had as bad of headaches either. I have felt a little dehydrated - I can't seem to drink enough water, but I'm a camel so that's normal. And my hips feel great, thanks to my pillow formation I make each night. Yay!!

I am REALLY excited for my 20 week appointment on Monday. We get to do our ultrasound and confirm that Miss Kaycee is indeed a miss, as well as make sure she's healthy and growing strong. I can't WAIT to see her again! It's been a long 5 weeks of not seeing her, and with my worries about how she's doing it'll be a welcome relief to see her kicking self! 

I'm not quite as worried about her as I was earlier this week. I prayed for comfort, regardless of what the outcome would be, and after a day or two I got it. I took Max potty and afterwards he's VERY hyper - loves to run around and at with 5 toys at once while he gets his energy out. Except for not on Wednesday. He came back in and immediately curled up on the couch on my lap and nuzzled into my tummy. And I immediately felt that comfort I've been wanting - I know she's ok. And I know Max knows that. He knows his future best friend is in there. Still, it'll be nice on Monday to get scientific reassurance haha! 

Here's hoping the next 20 weeks fly by - only 18 weeks until my last day of work!

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