Friday, August 30, 2013

This week in pictures

Even though it's only been 4 days since I blogged last, I feel like I am WAY behind! Guess it shows just how addicted I am to this whole blogging thing haha!

This week has been fairly uneventful as far as activities deserving of their own post but there's been enough little things that I just decided to post a big post about all of it. Therefore, prepare for lots of pictures!

Last Saturday, Jake went to his parents house for a few hours to work on the truck. It has been making a squeaky noise and he thinks he figured out how to fix it - for like $45! I have an awesome mechanic for a hubby. While he was gone, I cleaned the house. Considering it was only a few hours, I got a TON done and was VERY proud of how clean the house looked after just a few hours. And we've been able to maintain that and keep the house looking clean all week, which is AWESOME! After Jake got home, I decided we should do something "productive" towards Kaycee's room, so we moved everything out of the office and moved the guest bedroom out of Kaycee's room and into the old office. It looks awesome!

I didn't think to take pictures until after we were all done, but if you want to see what the office & guest bedroom used to look like, there are pictures in this post.

Guest bed with nightstand
Rocking chair and one of the bookshelves
Other bookshelf
It turned out AWESOME - it's really weird walking in that room and having a bed in there though. We've had that room set up as the office since the day we moved into the house and have never changed the furniture or rearranged it, so having it be totally different is, well, different, but we like it! It's nice having a guest bed in case my dad or my sisters come stay with us.

Jake's mom got us a gift when we got sealed that didn't come in the mail until last Saturday, so Jake brought it home after he was done working on the truck. It's a porcelain miniature of the Manti Temple!! I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEY MADE THOSE!!!

Next to the Salt Lake Temple mini I got from Charlotte when I got endowed on our front table. Looks AWESOME!
We spent the rest of the night relaxing and watched the movie "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman while we ate Pizza Hut. Nutritious, no. Fun, yes. That movie is AWESOME. I really like movies that make me think, like Skeleton Key {only scary movie I like}, Prestige or Inception. This movie definitely will make you think. Problem is, my brain sure doesn't work right at the moment, so Jake had to keep pausing the movie to explain it to me. Usually it's the other way around haha! It was a REALLY good movie though - I highly recommend it.

Puppy relaxing on the floor while we watched the movie. We moved his crate into our room, so his bed got moved into the living room and he has actually been laying in it. Good puppy :)
For Young Women's this week, we had a talent show. Ok, so I feel like I have some talents. Like blogging. Talking about every little moment of my life in my blog, and wanting to write about it, and looking forward to it, is a talent I think. Especially since I SUCKED at journal writing up until I discovered this whole blog thing. And I like to cook. I do have talents. Just not necessarily performing talents, like singing or dancing or playing an instrument. So for our talent show, we decided that the girls could bring something they have done at home, like a drawing or something they have sewn. Tiffany Barth brought pictures of hiking trips she has done - that's TOTALLY a talent. For my talent, I decided to bake some cookies. Because I do NOT bake. I used to, like when I was 14, but I don't anymore. I ALWAYS buy stuff at Smith's in the bakery if I am asked to bring a dessert. And I want to change that. It also counted as something towards my Personal Progress & earning my medallion. Boom!

I found the recipe on Pinterest. SUPER easy. Not that chocolate chip cookies are all that hard. But it went really well. Didn't burn the cookies or anything! And I was able to keep my kitchen clean in the process, since I had worked so hard over the weekend to deep clean it! AND THEN I made dinner afterwards. I felt VERY domesticated haha.

First batch coming out of the oven
Both batches cooling on my ghetto cooling trays - just upside down pans. I should invest in some wire cooling racks now that I am baking more!
Jake tried a cookie before I took them to Young Women's and said they were really good. I grilled him about it to make sure he wasn't just being nice so I wouldn't be embarrassed by gross cookies and he said something about how making cookies from store bought dough isn't that hard. I was SO proud to tell him I made them from scratch. He didn't believe me at first - I had to tell him what the ingredients were. He was SUPER impressed I made these all by myself! And the Young Women loved them too - I only had 1 cookie left. Jake was happy to eat it :)

Puppy has been very good this week. He's been evenly more cuddly. It just melts my heart haha. I love my little Max!

Cuddling with Jake while I was getting ready for work
Wanting a belly rub - too bad he was so far away haha
Looking out the window on top of his crate. I think he was super confused about why the window was "crackling" since I just put tinfoil up in the windows to help it be dark while Jake sleeps
Cuddling me & Kaycee last night while we watched the Utah vs Utah State game
And last but not least, I have been craving fruit a bit more. I brought a smoothie to work on Monday and it was really good, but I am trying to watch how much sugar I have, especially in the morning, and there was a lot of orange juice in it. I went to the store after work that day and got some fruit at the store. Cantaloupe and bananas to be exact. Jake cut up both cantaloupes for us - he is so awesome. We ate an entire cantaloupe in less than a day, and the other one we are trying to slowly eat. I had some for dessert last night - it was delicious! 

And I found out that cantaloupe is super good for Kaycee too. I think it's awesome that I am craving it, when it's something so highly recommended for her. Way to go body! Keep cravin' the good stuff!

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