Monday, August 19, 2013

FORE and a trim

On Friday, the 16th, Jake & I decided to start celebrating our anniversary. I read on a blog a year ago this great idea to go golfing on your 4 year anniversary, since when you golf you get to yell "fore" if you have a bad shot. I told Jake that we were going to go on a date after I got off work and to be ready. He tried all day to find ways to get me to tell him what we were doing, but I held strong and didn't tell him.

I got home from work and hurried to change clothes and then we were off for the golf part of our date.

Excited to be celebrating 4 years
Jake being frustrated I wouldn't tell him what we were doing :)
He kept asking how far we needed to go and which direction it was. I avoided how far it was, since the golf course is in our backyard, but I told him it was technically north, since the entrance is north by maybe a block. I turned at the entrance to the golf course and Jake kept saying "we aren't golfing what are we doing?!" and I finally said that yes, we were going golfing. Not a full 9 or 18 holes, just going to hit a bucket of balls since it was REALLY hot. He said that we needed clubs, and I told him I had already grabbed his golf clubs and they were in the trunk. He was really surprised then! Before we parked, he made me pinky promise I wouldn't yell "fore". Reluctantly, I agreed I wouldn't yell it.

We went inside and got out bucket of balls, then Jake said we should take the golf cart down to the driving range. Good thing he said that or I would have walked and it would be a STEEP hike back up!

My sexy golfer driving the golf cart
Going to hit a bucket of balls together for the first time ever
We got to the driving range and Jake showed me what to do. He explained that some of his clubs need a tee for the ball and others don't. And then we started golfing. And oh boy do I suck at golf haha. Jake is REALLY good though, so I just made sure he hit the majority of the balls.

He had some AMAZING shots. He really is so good!
After we were done with our golfing, we took the cart back up to the little parking lot for carts. Jake let me drive the last little bit - it was REALLY fun! We went to 7 Eleven in Lehi to get some slurpees and then headed up to Fashion Place Mall in Murray for the 2nd part of our date. This part wasn't a surprise though - Jake knew what we were doing.

I booked him an appointment at the Art of Shaving for a straight razor shave. Jake has been wanting to get one of these for years. Literally, years. We just hadn't been able to find a place that offered them. About a year ago, we stumbled on the Art of Shaving and found out they do offer them. What a better way to relax my hubby before our sealing and to celebrate our anniversary than to have him get his face shaved like he's always wanted!

Seriously awesome store - it's like a guy spa!
Getting ready to start his shave
His "before" picture - he was really letting his beard grow
Started out with a hotel towel on his face. Jake said this was absolute heaven - they did 3 or 4 hot towels on his face throughout the entire shave
Getting his face shaved
Putting on the mask to help reduce redness. And no, those aren't cucumbers on his eyes - they're cotton pads
Close up of his mask. He was surprised when he saw how clear looking it is - it felt thick on his face and his face felt tight during the mask part
After he was all done!
He got so relaxed during his shave he almost fell asleep. He talked about how great it was the whole rest of the night. I'm so glad we did it - he sure seemed to have a great time!

After his shave we drove home and took Max to my parents house so they could watch him while we went over night to Salt Lake the next night. Because we needed to leave so early for our sealing, we decided we would take Max over Friday night instead of early Saturday morning. Good idea too - it was one less thing to be stressed about on Saturday!

After we had Max situated at my parents house, we went to Café Rio and got some dinner to go. We took it home and ate together on the couch while we watched TV. Totally us - that's how we've spent the majority of our anniversaries and weekends together. I love that we can do things like that together and be totally comfortable together.

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