Friday, August 2, 2013

18 weeks - a mango

I am very excited that I am back to being a "fruit" this week. I don't like sweet potatoes or turnips, and that's what I have been the last 2 weeks. Being a yummy fruit again is nice haha. Oh it's the simple things in life right?

I am starting to not sleep quite as comfortably. Jake helped me prop a pillow underneath the top of my spine to help me keep a little more in alignment, and then I lay on a pillow on the side of me, plus the pillow for my head, so I sleep with 3 pillows. Our queen size bed doesn't feel quite so big - I feels so bad for Jake! And add to that my blanket hogging problem... Seriously, babe, you're a trooper for putting up with me haha. Max loves to cuddle by sleeping on the pillow that I sleep with on my side, so every time I flip over it wakes him up. Well, pup, that's what you get for sleeping so close to me.

I haven't thrown up since last Friday - knock on wood. It's been pretty nice actually! I do still feel nauseous, but eating something and drinking loads of water helps.

I haven't been taking anywhere near as many naps. Now, when I get home from work, I work on cleaning the house for a little bit. I broke up my weekly chores into daily tasks, rather than saving all the house work for Saturday and it is working out AWESOME. Do a load of laundry and vacuum this day, bathe the dog and clean a bathroom that day, etc. I am keeping up on laundry, the house looks pretty dang clean, and Max actually smells nice {and so does his freshly washed bed!}. And I have been making dinner with that non-sleeping time too. It's been really nice to feel like I am accomplishing things again.

Working out went pretty good this week - I exercised twice. Doing CLX the other day made me SOOOOOO sore - my butt & hamstrings HURT. Like badly haha. I've heard pregnancy makes you more sore and that has GOT to be true because I haven't ever been this sore from CLX, let alone with only doing it with resistance bands! I did Yoga yesterday and that was nice and calming. I wanted to do CLX this morning but was a little too sore. I'll do it tomorrow - day late won't hurt anybody :)

I don't think I am really "craving" anything. All the things I want to eat are things I loved before pregnancy. I still don't really want sweets - ice cream sounds good but only because it's cold. I'd be fine with a cup of ice - that's new for me. I HATED ice before I got pregnant. I ate almost an entire jar of pickles this week lol. Like the big pickles, just straight out of the jar. I liked pickles before I was pregnant, especially since they are "calorie free" but I have been devouring them lately. Even though I threw one up last week - I still like eating them! The only thing I won't eat since throwing it up is sausage. That does NOT sound good anymore. {In case I forgot to share that story, I threw up a pizza casserole I made with sausage in it not once but twice. My mom couldn't eat sausage with me either - she ate sausage pizza and threw it up and hasn't ate it since. That might be me haha}. And my mom loved pickles when she was pregnant with me. So we have that in common. She liked grapefruit juice though and I do NOT like that haha.

I am starting to get a little bump that I can see even with clothes on. I feel like before it looked like I was just eating too much, but now it's starting to look like there might be a baby in there haha. Still haven't felt her move though. I think that starting around 20 weeks I will starting posting pictures of my "bump". So stay tuned!

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