Monday, August 26, 2013

20 Week Ultrasound

Dear Kaycee,

I've decided to start writing about my weekly updates as a letter to you, since this pregnancy is, after all, all about you. Last Monday, dad & I got to see you again at your "official" ultrasound with our doctor's office! We went to the Provo office instead of the Orem office, but we found it just fine and were on time - something that doesn't happen all that often haha. Both of your grandma's were able to come, and so was Aunt Popper!

Sleepy dad, excited Grandma's & Aunt Popper!
Leading up to the ultrasound, I'd been a little worried. So many people have told me they felt their baby moving at this point in their pregnancy but I still hadn't felt you move yet. I was worried that meant maybe something was wrong. And my tummy has had LOTS of stretching happening to make room for you, which can be painful sometimes, and that made me REALLY worried that you might not be ok. But all the throwing up I do on the weekends has helped calm my nerves a little bit. We got into our ultrasound room and they put the little Doppler on mom's tummy and there you were - moving.

Your little heart beat was one of the most reassuring things I have EVER heard. I just laid there and closed my eyes and said a prayer to Heavenly Father thanking him for you being ok.

And then they started the ultrasound. It wasn't anywhere near as fun as your ultra sound when you were only 15 weeks along. This time, they were very focused on medical stuff - making sure you had 2 arms and 2 legs and all your bones and 4 areas of your heart and a stomach and a bladder. And you had all those important things - good job little miss!

All at once, we {me, dad, grandma's & Popper} all started saying how much you were moving around and the technician doing the ultrasound said you were actually not moving as much as normal babies. It wasn't anything to worry about - just that you are mellow & calm. And as soon as she said that I knew it was true {mom tends to worry even when they say not to, but not this time!}. Dad is VERY mellow and calm - he doesn't get hyper or excited very often, so it makes sense for you to be the same way. That makes me really happy to think you're just like dad. You two are gonna be best buds, I just know it.

The tech also said you were measuring a little small. Once again, nothing to worry about. They thought they needed to move my due date, since you were measuring about 19 weeks when you should have been closer to 20.5. At the end of the ultrasound though they think you're only 5 days behind, which is exactly what they said at you're first ultrasound at 8 weeks. No big surprise there. Still left your due date as January 3rd though, yay!

Crossing your little legs - we all commented how cute your ankles are
You're still a little girl! We all had NO idea what we were looking at in this picture haha
You're adorable heartbeat. 144 BPM
You're cute foot, complete with 5 little toes
You're adorable face. We were all melting babe. You're one adorable little girl!
They printed out the pictures for us and after making sure my blood pressure was normal, we left the appointment. The doctor told me I can start taking medicine for motion sickness, which I am very excited about. I don't think dad would be very happy if I threw up the whole time we were at Lake Powell next month!

This past Saturday, I was cleaning & organizing the house and put your cute profile pictures in our bedroom. The one from your 20 week ultrasound is in a little cheap-y cute frame on my nightstand, but you're 15 week one is in a WAY cute frame on dad's nightstand. Aunt NeeNee bought the frame for us at Hobby Lobby - it says "Love at first sight" and it's pink. Of course we had to put your 15 week picture in there, since that's the first time we saw you. It's fun having two pictures of you in our room.

We love you little miss, and are so glad you are still alive in there.


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