Monday, August 5, 2013

No Soliciting

Early last week, someone knocked on our door and asked if we were interested in a free water test. I said no, but Jake said sure and gave them his number so that they could schedule it. Jake is VERY nice to salesman at our door. They called and set up an appointment to come do our free test on Friday at 5 PM. Jake warned me that was when they were coming and just said I shouldn't answer the door. I would have preferred to call them and tell them not to waste their time coming out, but we just decided not to answer the door.

Well Friday afternoon rolls around and I am laying on the couch watching Law and Order with Max when the doorbell rings. Max always barks when the door bells rings and ran to the window next to the door and proceeded to bark at them. I realized too late who it was and opened the door {I'm pretty sure they saw me through the window anyway when they bent down to look at Max in the window}. And I spent the next 2 hours getting sold on a water softener.

I grew up in Eagle Mountain. I know how hard the water is. I know what it does to dishes, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. We know we want one. We just know we can't afford that right now. And this guy would NOT take no for an answer. For the first time ever, I was blunt and said straight out we can't afford it right now {going to one income is a REAL convenient thing at times like that!} and he seriously wouldn't stop pushing it. Brought up payment plans {I threw Dave Ramsey back at him - BAM!} and everything he could think of. I was NOT backing down. After 2 hours, we FINALLY got them to leave. Without buying anything. WOOT! Seriously this guy knows what he is doing - he was a GOOD salesman. But we finally got him to leave, and Jake and I were both super annoyed at how hard it was to get him to go. I proceeded to make this sign for our front door, since while we were getting sold a softener someone from pest control came to sell us something. I was DONE with salesmen!

I wanted to leave this sign up FOREVER but Jake said it was rude lol
Saturday Jake suggested that we get window tint for the window next to the door so that salesman can't peak in and see who is home. I thought it was a great idea, but decided we needed a window peep-hole so that we can see out, since a tint would make it so that we can't see who it is. So to Lowe's we went! We got a kit for hanging up the tint and a window peep hole for the front door. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my handy-man husband? He is AMAZING at doing things around the house. Seriously, I am SOO lucky!

Reading the instructions and prepping for the tint
The pose he struck when he saw I had my camera out. Seriously, I love this handsome guy.
He was a PERFECTIONIST about this window - took LOTS of concentration!
We didn't have the right size drill bit for the peep hole we bought, so we had to go back to Lowe's to buy a different peep hole {the one we bought also broke, so it worked out well} but for a while we had a nice hole in our door. But Jake got our peep hole installed and it looks great!
We both have had a hard time adjusting to the new window, since it's a bit darker to look out of from before but it's been really nice so far - we really like it! I am so grateful for Jake's handyman skills, and that we now have a way to prevent salesman from wasting 2 hours of our day!

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