Monday, August 12, 2013

BYU Scrimmage

Over the weekend, BYU had their fall scrimmage open practice game. And I REALLY wanted to go. And my AWESOME hubby agreed to come with me! WOOT!!
All ready to go in my BYU shirt I got for Christmas last year, along with my new maternity pants!
We left for the game around 9:15 and after stopping to get some breakfast on the way, we made it to the game. One of the great things about these games, other than being free, is that there is AWESOME parking available and very little traffic compared to a regular game. We were able to park next to the stadium, front row. AWESOME!!
One of my favorite places on earth to be
My favorite person on earth
The quarterbacks warming up
More of the team doing drills
My mom was able to come too! WOOT!!!
We watched them warm up, do some drills, practice their "blue zone" {redzone aka within 20 yards from the endzone} and then they did a scrimmage game. They weren't doing O-line & D-line {probably to prevent anyone from getting hurt} but DANG they looked good! And the BEST news is that our kicking game looks MUCH better this year! They did a field goal attempt that was 53 yards and had 3 different kickers attempt it. 2 of the 3 kickers made it! We were missing 20 yard field goals last year, so this is AWESOME! The scrimmage was really fun and it was great to see the players and the quarterbacks - we have some awesome talent this year! Only downside to the scrimmage was how hot it is - August games are SOO hot. I can't imagine how the players must feel!

I can't wait for football season to start - only 19 more days until our opening game!

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