Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bridal Veil Hike

This past Tuesday, the youth in our ward had a combined activity. The Young Men were in charge and decided we should all go for a hike! They chose a trail up Provo Canyon at Bridal Veil Falls. Since Jake & I are both have the chance to serve with the youth, we both were able to go! Due to me being pregnant, and Jake's knees are REALLY acting up again, we decided that we would just wait at the base with anyone who didn't want to hike.

Well, all the youth decided to hike.

Starting up the trail
So unless Jake & I wanted to be the lame-o leaders that sat at the bottom, we needed to go too. We decided to just hang in the back in case anyone wanted to turn around. Well, no one turned around. Although we were a bit slower than everyone else, we made it to the "top" with everyone else!

Addy, Georgina, Katie & Elizabeth
It was gorgeous!
Some of the young men decided to jump in the water since it was so hot. Gotta love how adventurous boys are! It was really fun! The way down was pretty hard on Jake's knees, and I was super scared that I was going to fall since it was slick but we made it down! A few of the boys were trying to catch fish at the bottom and I told one of them I'd pay him $20 if he caught one and kissed it. Quite a few people tried to catch fish, but no one was able to so I got to keep my $20. It was super fun!

While we were coming down the mountain, Jake & I realized this is the 3rd hike I have done since I got pregnant {1 at youth conference, even though I was only like 4 weeks pregnant and didn't know it yet, 1 at Girls Camp and this one!} and I did my half marathon. This might influence our little miss to be active! I'd love that - I want a little Turbo/5K buddy!

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