Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Clint & Macy's Wedding

I realized a few weeks ago that I never blogged about Clint & Macy's wedding, and I finally got my camera synced to my computer last weekend, so here we go!
June 22, Clint & Macy got sealed at Mt Timpanogos Temple in American Fork. It was a PERFECT day, especially considering it was June. I was worried we were all going to sweat to death being outside for the pictures and reception, but the weather was PERFECT!
And the best part {for me} was that Jake got to attend their sealing. That was AWESOME! 
Jake lookin' sharp before we left for the temple
Dustin with Kenzie & Emrie while we waited for them to come out of the temple. They got to go get their hair done that morning - they looked SO cute!
Jake rocking his bow tie, with someone's hand photo bombing lol
The two of us. Sure love this handsome guy
Clint & Macy McClellan!
She looked absolutely gorgeous. Clint looked pretty sharp too.
Another shot of my adorable nieces. They looked SO cute!
Another shot of Dustin with the girls. They sure love their dad
Jake sure loved his bow tie
Picture of all of Macy's family that came to the temple - she had a LOT of family that came!
The traditional brothers kissing picture. Love this one!
After we were finished at the temple, we all met at Jake's parents church in Lehi for a luncheon. Jake & I helped the family set up the day before hand - it looked really pretty!

Display on the salad table
We had ham and rolls with a whole bunch of salads and a veggie tray
Some of the salads
And cake - gotta have cake!
Another shot of the cake
Kenzie & Emrie did a beautiful job decorating the tables
Seriously - love these two little girls
She got cake all over her face and in her hair
Clint getting food for Macy - such a gentlemen
Dad looking studly
Grandma Kay
Emrie loved the cake

Jake figured out how to play with the settings on the camera and took some cool pictures of the centerpieces

After we finished eating, we cleaned up and headed to the Amphitheater in American Fork {across from the temple} for their reception. We had helped set up the tables that morning, but the place was transformed by the time we got back - it looked amazing!

They had a rustic theme - lots of wood and baskets
Engagement picture with the present area
Another shot of the picture
The sign in book table
They had all their guests sign the Dr. Seuss book "Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?"
Engagement picture on a big piece of wood - the picture was GORGEOUS in person!
Backdrop area
What the tables looked like - they were really pretty!
Part of the food table - they served a really yummy yogurt parfait buffet bar with different breads and dips
Drink area - different lemonades
More pictures with more seating
Kenzie & Emrie were dancing with Jake before the reception started
I love little Emrie. Such a doll!

Lights wrapped around the trees
All the tables together

Poster with engagements that's set up like a movie posted - coolest idea EVER! Macy's Uncle made it!
Gorgeous Macy while they took some pictures
The groomsmen - Dustin, Jake, Trent & Holden {was about 6 weeks away from getting home from his mission}
The McClellan family with Holden & Trent
I got to hold the bouquet for a few minutes - it smelled amazing
Mom & Dad with Clint & Macy
Our family
They look so cute together
The cake!
The breads
Different jams to dip the bread in
More breads & hummus
Veggies to dip
Part of the yogurt parfait buffet
All the different berries & granola's to put on the parfaits
While Clint & Macy were greeting guests in their line, we went to go see who was decorating the cars. Macy's older sister Ashley had taken the reins - it looked awesome!

Oreo's on the outside, inside filled with balloons
Everybody smile!
Oreo's everywhere with saran wrap over the doors
Writing - "Honk - we're on our honeymoon!"

Tin cans with a balloon over the tail pipe - we were hoping it'd pop when they backed out but it didn't work

Ashley & Colton {Ashley's hubby} also filled the inside of the car with $5.00 worth of pennies - they were EVERYWHERE in the car! They put a bottle of Martinelli's and 2 glasses, along with a pregnancy test & condoms, on the dashboard.

Clint & Macy left the park area on a tandem bike and rode down to the parking lot. If you know them AT ALL, a tandem bike was a GREAT choice.

Their reaction to the car
They had to pop almost all of the balloons in the backseat so that they could get their bags in, but they were finally able to load up and head out. They spent the night in Salt Lake and then headed to San Francisco for the week to spend their honeymoon.

It was a gorgeous, awesome, memorable day. Yay for a new sister-in-law! Yay for Jake getting to go to their sealing! And yay for Clint & Macy finally being married!

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