Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Sealing

Dear Kaycee,

Well it's official - you're officially sealed to mom & dad forever. And mom & dad are sealed to each other forever. It was a perfect day - it couldn't have gone any better if we had tried. And I can't wait to see how many times I get to tell you this story in person. But since I can't quite see you yet, I wanted to tell you all about it while it's still fresh in my mind.

Dad & I woke up around 7 and watched YouTube videos together on the couch for a little bit. After watching a few, I told dad he should watch video I made of our 4 year anniversary and he loved it. I was very proud of myself for making it, and was so happy he liked it so much! I wasn't feeling very good and didn't start with the most nutritious breakfast, and within a few hours of waking up I was throwing up. I guess you REALLY wanted us to be thinking about you throughout the day. Dad made me my favorite breakfast, an egg sandwich, while your Aunt Popper curled my hair. Dad makes the best egg sandwiches. By the time you're old enough to read this, you'll already know that though.

He even put it on the red plate for me - because it DEFINITELY was a special day
Aunt Popper after she finished curling my hair. She did a great job!
Aunt NeeNee dropped Popper off and then went to Wal Mart to run grab a few last minute things I had forgot. She got me some great waterproof mascara that I love, a bottle of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice to take to the hotel with us & a box of chocolates to eat with our juice. I also asked her and Aunt Popper to decorate our car while we were in the temple, so she bought the stuff to do that too. After she got back from Wal Mart, she and Popper left to finish getting ready for our big day and your dad & I loaded our stuff into the car and started our trip to Manti Temple.

Pulling out of the driveway on our way to our sealing
We pulled over at a gas station and got some drinks, then headed towards the freeway. Didn't make it very far before you wanted that egg sandwich out of my tummy, so we pulled over on the side of the road and I did my thing and then we got on Pioneer Crossing to go to the freeway. We made it Nephi before you wanted all the water in my stomach out too. Seriously, miss, you REALLY wanted to make sure we were thinking about you all day. We got to the temple with GREAT timing, no car problems or anything, and after parking we met all our family down in the cafeteria for some lunch. The plan was to meet Uncle Blake, Aunt Brynne & Grandpa down there, but we ended up meeting up with Grandma & Grandpa McClellan, plus Uncle Clint & Aunt Macy & some of dad's aunts & uncles too, like Jody & Teresa, Chuck & Sally, John & Sherene and dad's Grandma Kay. They had some really yummy chicken & potatoes with gravy that dad ate, and I was finally able to keep down some soup in a bread bowl. It was REALLY good!

After we were finished eating, dad & I went to "check in" for our sealing. For the next hour or so, we were only apart for a few minutes. And your dad & I walked EVERYWHERE in that temple holding hands. We both had matching name tags so that people knew we belonged together and that we were getting sealed that day. We had a wonderful sealer, Archie Bragger, who used to be the Temple President and is now one of the sealer's at the temple. Our sealing took place in Sealing Room 2, otherwise known as the "Needlepoint" room. We picked this room because it's just off of the celestial room, so all our guests were asked to wear white for our sealing.

Kayc, I want you to know that being in the temple with the person you love and want to spend your life with, while being surrounded by family members & close friends all dressed in white is as close to heaven as you will get on this earth. Our sealer sure liked to talk about you - you came up multiple times. We were given some great counsel and advice about how to stay married, and he talked about how important it is that we stay together, specifically for your sake. Before our sealing started, while we were "checking in" our sealer just barely mentioned that we both knew how hard a divorce could be. I don't know how he knew that, other than the Spirit telling him, but he's right - dad & I both know how hard a divorce can be. That was a main focus of the advice he gave us - that we would remember how important it is that we stay together, particularly for your sake.

I don't think I've felt as close to you as I did that day. You're really coming. You're really coming straight from our Heavenly Father, who loves you so much more than I do. That's so hard for me to understand because I love you so much and I haven't even seen you yet. I want you to know that Heavenly Father is always there for you, even when mom & dad can't be. When you're at school or wherever you may be, Heavenly Father is always there for you. And He loves you SO much babe. Don't ever forget that.

And I want you to know that I love your dad. No, he isn't perfect but he's perfect for me. And I know your dad loves me. And I promise you that as long as mom & dad are living, we will love each other and we will do everything we can to make our home a happy one - somewhere that you and your brothers and/or sisters will want to be. I promise that we will gross you out by kissing in front of you. I promise you that you'll see us holding hands. I promise you that you'll hear us say I love you to each other every day. And I promise that you'll hear us say I love you to YOU every day.

We had a lot of family & friends come to our sealing. I didn't quite realize just how far away Manti is until we were driving down there. Even though dad's Grandma Kay lives there and we go down to visit her, I still forgot how far it is. And we had so many family members & friends travel all that way just for us. Here's the list of everyone who was able to come:
  • Grandpa {mom's dad}
  • Grandma & Rick {mom's mom & step dad}
  • Uncle Blake & Aunt Brynne
  • Cassie Burton, mom's best friend
  • Paul & Suzanna Jones {Cassie's mom & dad, who are like mom's 2nd parents}
  • Jared & Leslie Jones {one of mom's Laurel leaders}
  • Charlotte Ducos {mom's other Laurel leader}
  • Grandma & Grandpa {dad's mom & dad}
  • Grandma Kay {dad's grandma}
  • Uncle Clint & Aunt Macy
  • Jody & Teresa {dad's uncle & aunt}
  • Chuck & Sally {dad's uncle & aunt}
  • John & Sherene {dad's uncle & aunt}
  • Chase & Angela {dad's cousin & his wife}
  • Greg & Jaelyn Lovell {good friends in our ward, and Jaelyn was our photographer}
  • Kjell & Paige Gerber {one of dad's best friends from high school}
  • Kyle & Calli Brooks {dad's other best friend from high school}
  • Bishop Mark James {our current Bishop in our ward}
We had a lot of people there with us. Our sealer also talked about how there were people there that we couldn't see, people on the other side of the veil. Your dad had a very strong feeling that his Grandpa Kay, who you were named after, was there. I felt very strongly that Beebaw & Grammy were there, Grandpa's mom & dad. And I felt very strongly that your brothers and/or sisters were there. Obviously, we know you were there even though we couldn't quite see you. It was a very big day for our family. I imagine your little siblings were all very excited about this day, as you obviously were too considering how sick you made me all day haha.

After we were finished with our sealing, we got the chance to hug everyone who was physically there. And you better believe your mom was a mess. I was straight up sobbing a few times. And that mascara your Aunt NeeNee brought me stayed right in place, thank heavens. Dad even cried too, although he wasn't crying anywhere near as hard as mom. I'm so grateful for the amazing YW leaders I had. I hope you have amazing leaders too - my leaders made such a difference in my life. I'm so grateful for Jake's friends in high school and the examples they both are and that they were both worthy to be in the temple with us. I'm grateful for all our family members who were all temple worthy and able to come. It was truly amazing having every seat taken in that room, with a few having to stand. There was SOO much love in that room Kayc.

When I got to Grandma, who was one of the last people I hugged, she was hysterical. I was pretty much pulling myself back together at that point and then I just lost it. Partly because it was my mom, and it's the most AMAZING experience to hug your mom in the temple. Grandma's mom passed away before she got married in the temple, so she didn't get that same chance to hug her mom when she got married. But I think I also partly lost control because I was thinking about you. Even now as I write this, I'm tearing up. I can't wait to be in the temple with you on your sealing day babe. You're going to make the most beautiful bride.

After we were done hugging everyone, you'd better believe I hugged your dad again. Kissing your dad over the alter, with our first kiss as eternal companions, was one of the sweetest kisses I've ever had. I'm so in love with your dad, Kayc. I love him so much. He's really a great guy, as I'm SURE you'll know. You're going to be daddy's little girl, I'm already sure of it. After we were done hugging, we went into the celestial room again where our family was waiting and we hugged some more. And just like before our sealing, I didn't let go of your dad's hand for one second. Then we went back down to our dressing rooms to change out of our temple clothes so that we could take some pictures. I asked Aunt Brynne & Grandma to come help me get ready.

After I had changed, I sat down in the beautiful brides room and had Brynnie start curling my hair, since a few pieces had limped out. And then I realized I forgot my make up bag in the back seat of the car. Grandma took my keys and went out to go get it for me. It took a little while, since the parking lot is REALLY big, but between her, Aunt NeeNee & Popper & Uncle Blake, they found my make up bag and got it back to me. I hurried and fixed my make up and then met your dad outside the dressing room. My wonderful YW leader Charlotte had made me a beautiful silk bouquet of flowers to use, and as your dad & I walked out of the temple, in our plain ol' church clothes, I felt like the most beautiful person on the planet. Growing belly and all. I had perma-smile on my face all day.

After we finished taking pictures, we were able to go to Dirk's Restaurant in Manti with most of the people who came to the temple with us for a late lunch. It was fun getting to talk to everyone. When dad & I walked in the room together {since everyone beat us there while we took pictures with Jaelyn} they all clapped and cheered. Dad sure didn't like the attention but I loved it. Dad ordered a buffalo burger with garlic fries & I got a turkey bacon avocado sandwich with minestrone soup {bowl of soup #2 for the day}. I also got some pear lemonade - it was SOOOO yummy!! I wasn't able to eat much of my sandwich before I started not feeling good, but the soup was delicious & I ate it all up!

After we were finished at the restaurant, we hugged everyone and then went to Grandma Kay's house to change our clothes for the drive back to Salt Lake. Dad got the idea to reserve a hotel room at the Grand America downtown for the night - what a great idea right?! We talked with Grandma & Grandpa & Jody & Teresa for a little bit while at Grandma Kay's and then started our drive to Salt Lake.

As we drove by the temple on our way out of town, I fell in love with that temple all over again. It's always been one of my favorites, but it really is my favorite now. It's where my family was sealed forever. Kayc I want you to know that mom has a testimony of temples. It's my favorite place on earth to be. The Spirit you feel there is real. It really is somewhere that Heavenly Father and Jesus can give revelation to you. I can't wait until you turn 12 and mom & dad can take you to do baptisms for the first time. I can't wait until you go there to be sealed to the man you choose to be your eternal sweetheart. It's a wonderful place to be babe, always work towards your goal of being married there. It's the best way to start out of a marriage.

Never forgot how much your mom & dad love you. And don't ever doubt that your mom and dad love each other. Trust me, I didn't know it was possible to love someone as much as I love your dad. Just like I didn't know it was possible to love someone as much as I love you. I love you Kaycee.


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  1. Congratulations you guys! I was all choked up just reading this. I'm so happy for you and Jake!